My unexpected NSV

So my 13 yr.daughter needed new jeans because she has once again gotten taller. In the past we've always gotten her jeans too big around just to get them long enough. After she got her new jeans today I decided to try on her old jeans that were too big around for her but too short...and they fit me! (Well they are too!) I think they're a Jr. size 7! (Her actual size is a 3 but like I said we've always had to get them wide so they fit long b/c she's 5 inches taller than I am already.)


  • zoukeira
    zoukeira Posts: 313 Member
    Wow way to go!! :o)
  • olsen317
    What a great feeling!
  • algebravoodoo
    algebravoodoo Posts: 776 Member
    I don't know where you are shopping, but have you tried Old Navy?
    One of our daughters in the long, lean and lanky body type (not sure where that came from but anyway...) so we would find her jeans on sale at Old Navy because they carried the extra long inseam. I swear, it was the only place we could find stuff to fit her without either seriously altering everything or pay way too much.

    And CONGRATS on your NSV!!!
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