New, starting medifast

Hello! New to MFP. I'm restarting medifast in a few days to bring in a new, healthier new year! Would love to make friends on here who are also doing medifast! I'm 24, and could stand to loose about 80 lbs! Hubby deploys soon, and I want to wow him when he gets back ;)


  • lyssielou1620
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    Yay! I am starting soon too, I'm 23, and I want to lose 60-70 lbs and I get married in July so losing 1-2 lbs on myfitnesspal really wasn't cutting it.

    I would love to add you as a friend and we can support each other. I'm still going to keep posting on here what I'm eating and especially my lean and green meal so hopefully we can give each other ideas for that! :)
  • mahanaibu
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    I have done medifast and other, similar programs. They take the weight off for sure, but long term maintenance has been a real issue with these programs. If you're not in some kind of program to transition you to eating real food and don't stay on that maintenance program for at least a year (studies recommend 18 months), the chances of it coming back on are huge. It might not seem like a big deal right want to get rid of that weight and I understand, believe me--but it is when you go through it time after time and wear down your metabolism. I'm not saying don't do it, I'm just saying that from my experience, the maintenance part is even more important than the weight-loss part. I wish you wonderful success and long-term health.
  • Hi,I am REstarting medifast....1.cause I have two boxes of food left, 2. cause I know it works-- I lost 80 pounds the first go round (not gonna talk about how much I have

    I totally agree with mahanaibu, I am already thinking about the maintenance part moreso than the actual two months I will be on Medifast cause I am not repurchasing. I just need a good jumpstart to getting back on track. Please add me so that we can encourage each other. Medifast also has an awesome online community that I highly recommend!
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    i started medifast on the 1st. I am so excited and motivated. I know this program works and I plan to stay on it until i lose 50 pounds. I am 33 and have 3 kids. Feel free to add me as a friend. I am in this for the long haul :)
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    I'm so happy to see others here who are on the Medifast program. Yes, this program does work IF you do ALL the things you're supposed to do (stay on plan, maintenance, transition, etc.) If not then the desired long-term results will not happen. I lost 30 pounds in 3 months the first time (2007) I did this program. Because I didn't do everything correctly, I gained back about 15. These 15 (ultimately, would like to lose 25) won't be hard to lose. Keeping it off should be much easier this time as well now that my mindset has changed.
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    It is nice to see this Medifast group getting bigger and more active! I am friends with some of you already, but feel free to add me as well if we aren't already friends. I have been on the program since August and love it! We need a big support group.
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    I am on Week 5 of Medifast , looking for MF buddies!
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    I am supposed to be getting my shipment of Medifast today. I am pretty excited and pretty scared at the same time. I have been on the program before and didnt lose an lb. My doctors say it is because my hormones were all out of whack. Anyway I have seen tons of people have huge success with the program and now that my body is back on track I am ready to get started. I would love any new friends to share my journey with.
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    I am doing Medifast for the second time. For some reason this second time it isn't going as fast. I am sure my hormones I part of the problem so I am just trying not to let that discourage me. Last time I lost 35 lbs and unfortunately I am one of those who gained it back. Good luck to you.
  • Hello I am new too! Been on my 1,200 calorie diet for a week and now in to my second week. Although been a bit low in mood for the last couple of days as I am wanting the weight to come off quicker although I know to keep it off it has to come off bit by bit. I am going on holiday in June and need to loose14lb by then and then another 14lb by January I am a bridesmaid for two weddings in March.

    Today, however, I worked out I had only eaten 500 calories :S Thats why I feel miserable and horrible. Just had a yoghurt and some snack a jacks now....I need to eat more I think.

    I think I need to gym more so it will help me to eat more. Hopefully...
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    Getting my shipment of Medifast in tomorrow and was would love to hear success stories!!! Friend me!