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Friends doing new rules of lifting for women

Hi I just started doing New rules of lifting for women and am looking for some friends who are also doing it either just starting like me or who are further along.

I did my first workout today and am feeling pretty good, the gym was uber quiet though so hopefully it won't be to intimidating using the squat rack with all the burly blokes around!

Anyway if your doing this or looking to start it then please add me :)


  • zombilishious
    zombilishious Posts: 1,250 Member
    There are tons of us doing it, and there is a very active group for NROLW. I made it to Stage 4, injured my shoulder, and started over. I'm in the middle of Stage 2 now.

    ETA for grammar!
  • breezedaze
    breezedaze Posts: 357 Member
    Just ordered the book!