Cincinnati Girl saying hey!

I'm not so new to MFP but this is my first post. I am 29, 30 in Feb and love my Reds and Bengals. I am loosely following the 17 day diet plan and basically working on cardio to lose weight at this time. Just looking for a few new friends (near or far) for encouragement and conversation. I started the 17 day diet plan on 9/24 and lost 36 lb by Thanksgiving, and then the diet wasn't followed. I surprised myself by only gaining 8-10lb back during that time, and here I am starting it right back up!


  • Cowboyzfan82288
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    Congratulations on your terrific success thus far! Wishing you continued success on your journey reaching your goals! I'm Mark. Because of slacking off for the holiday season, I have around 6325 pounds to go to reach my goal! Feel free to add me if you'd like.
  • swagar12
    Hi, welcome! Feel free to add me! Good luck!
  • yorkshireroj
    Well done so far...we all have blips now and again but what counts is that you have got back on it...go for it!!
  • Swibbels01
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    Thanks everyone!
  • blondie_182_182
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    Woot, Go Bengals! I'm a fan too :) Welcome to MFP. I lost 50 pounds and gained 20 back, so I know how you are feeling.