OK Throw all the advice you can at me :D

This weekend we are suprising the kids with a weekend away to Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio. We get breakfast with our package. We never eat breakfast out, but its included for next to nothing, so I'll be eating. What's my best bet on the least damage I can do?
We will be stopping at Meijer for some low cal snacks for our room (small fridge) and lots of bottled water. Any suggestions? We cross the border from Canada to get there, so can't bring a lot from home food wise (fruit, meat etc). Also we will likely be eating dinner out the saturday night as well. Possibly Sunday. I have not ate out this much in a weekend since I began my major lifestyle changes last June 09. I will counteract with as much water as i can manage for the sodium ... but am looking for other tips! I want to have a few treats as this is a mini vacation but want to keep it reasonable so that I don't gain back 5 pounds or anything lol

(not that it matters (I have to change my siggy) I'm down overall 30 pounds from last June, but down 7ish (weigh in tomorrow) in 4 weeks from joining this site.


  • Miss_Chievous_wechange
    An omelet filled with lots of veggies (no cheese), whole wheat toast, and coffee. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. :)
  • questionablemethods
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    The omelet is a great suggestions. Other options: yogurt with fruit and nuts, oatmeal with fruit and nuts, toast with peanut butter, poached eggs (just no Hollandaise!).
  • courtney_love2001
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    I would say steer clear of the muffins/pastries/waffles/biscuits. You could have some fruit, eggs, a piece of toast, and most places have yogurt. You could even throw a piece or two of bacon on there...2 pieces generally run about 70 cals but most have a lot of fat. Just be sensible, don't stuff yourself, and you will be fine. Enjoy your complimentary b'fast!

    As far as snacks go, how about some granola bars? Or you could get some bananas, yogurt, string cheese, grapes. I would probably steer clear of things like snack crackers b/c those can easily get out of hand when you're just sitting in the hotel room vegging out, mindlessly eating.

    Have fun on your trip! :flowerforyou:
  • rogers8702
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    oatmeal, fruit yogurt.

    for the fridge/snacks pretzels, apples bananas, fruit of any type. trail mix

    enjoy your vacation dont stress its only a few days.
  • lt_mrcook
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    You get to order what you want for breakfast (plus GWL is AWESOME exercise going up all those stairs). The omelet is a great option. Make sure your order it unseasoned so they don't add too much salt and stuff it with veggies. All of the food we had in williamsburg, VA was amazing for it's flavor and fairly healthy if you order to your specifics. Plus for one or two days, you will not destroy your diet by having a LITTLE extra...just don't get crazy...:) Have fun and be safe!
  • Vallandingham
    Protein and fiber. It's always best to start the day with breakfast. Omelette, Oatmeal.

    Have fun.
  • thirtyby40
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    Check that about crossing the border. I believe there is a web site. I live in Canada too and we cross often. I am under the impression you are able to take meat for personal consumption, we always have a packed cooler clearly visible and have never been questioned. Although we only take what we will eat that day and then hit a grocery store after we get where we are going.

    When I travel I pack a small storage container with a can opener, dish cloths, tea towels, dish soap(with bleach). I also take my picnic dishes (they are not in a basket, it is a back pack thing).

    I did an 8 day trip with my kids last summer soon after I started MFP, that combined with always wanting to provide good nutrition for the kids was great motivation to add a little work to the vacation. Buy some wraps then go to a deli and buy some cold meats if you like or canned fish if your family will eat it. Baby carrots, snap peas, grape tomatoes, dip. I cut up sausage and cheese for the kids to munch on with crackers. Really you could do anything that doesn't require a stove. It is just a question of how much time and effort you want to put in on vacation. I have 4 kids and I am the queen of saving money, so I prefer to put in a little extra time.

    Have a great time!!

    Adding for breakfast you can't beat an egg white omelet. Keep in mind you will probably urn a lot of calories in the water park, and they should have a gym. Enjoy, you are not going to blow everything in a few days.
  • JessicaPahl
    high fiber cereal low fat milk fruit..good luck:wink:
  • lvfunandfit
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    you got some great suggestions!

    When you go out to eat ask for grilled or broiled chicken or fish (minus butter) and steamed veggies.

    you'll do great! You can always check out the menu and nutritional info before you order.
  • Supermel
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    thanks for all the advice.