tired of this weight

Hi I just started this yesterday, I have been tired of carrying around this weight for a long time now, my daughter is thin but thinks she is fat and she is only 11 so I have to be a better role model. I need to lose 80 lbs, I also would really like to not be so depressed all the time and to get off my blood pressure pills.


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    Welcome. I'm another newbie to MFP, and I can relate to being tired of carrying excess weight. Makes everything harder than it needs to be. You can do this if you commit to it. Make it a lifestyle change, not just a temporary goal. And most importantly do it for you, not for others. Doing it for other people can leave you a little disheartened if they aren't quite as excited about your achievements as you are!
  • mrsjas2000 - you can do it!! One mistake I think a lot of people generally make is thinking "What if I can't do this? What if I fail?" (I think a lot of people get that mindset in a lot of different tasks/journeys.) Try to keep your mind positive and think about all the great things you can and WILL do once you have lost the weight! And how much better you'll feel! And like you mentioned, your weight loss will be a great influence on your daughter! Once upon a time, I was an 11 yr old with a weight issue. Not only was I self-conscious, but I also WAS a little legitimately chunky. My dad was very large my whole life and I struggled keeping that weight off, always. and instead of being a good role model or encouraging me in my fight with weight, he went about it the wrong way and poked at my fat and told me I was getting fat on an almost daily basis. I KNOW if he had just gone down on the path to getting healthy, I wouldn't have fallen into anorexia at age 12. Parents' influence on their kids is SO dire! It is such a strong hold on their lives forever! I'm sure you know this. So kudos to you for making this decision. I hope that this site and the members will be an encouragement to you!! :D
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    You can do this. Just look forward. Keep your goals small and just go for it. Take one small goal at a time. That way you don't dissappoint yourself. Add me as a friend I also have about 60 pounds to lose. I will help motivate you and support you. I post daily.