Trying to find a happy medium

Hello, my name is Kim. I am 38 yrs old and I have 5 children of my own and 6 step children. I work full/part time (on and off schedule) and I go to school full time. I have an extremely hectic schedule that unfortunately has made it easy to skip meals, sometimes not eating my first meal or even any bit of food until about 5 pm. In high school I went through a starvation stage where I passed out on many occasions. Now I seem to be going through an overeating stage. My emotions are a big factor as to what I eat, if I eat or sometimes eating nonstop. I tend to bottle my emotions up instead of speaking up so food is my comfort. I drink coffee in the morning, which I know suppresses hunger and is probably the reason why I wait until late to eat somedays. I need to find a happy medium where I am not overeating but I am also not starving myself. I hope that keeping track of my food for the day will help with that. If anyone has any helpful suggestions I am up for it. I have put the app on my phone so I can track whereever I am.


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    Well, I think you are taking a big first step by joining this group. Didn't mention how much you are looking to lose but I think the best thing is being aware of what you are doing. I have been on this journey many times and the first time I actually paid attention to what I was ingesting, I was shocked. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I have two children and it can be hectic, sometimes I just drive through McDonalds and before I knew it, half of their fries are gone. So, now I make sure I put the bag in the backseat where I can't reach them. It's small steps, make sure you aren't starving, always have somethings on hand when you are on the go so you don't do those impulse things. Trust me, you aren't alone, I am hopping on the new year's bandwagon myself and trying to put myself first too. Hope this helps and be proud of yourself