need help

Hi I just started 3 days ago and have a hard time finding time for myself as much as I know I need to, I have 2 young children and also a daycare in my home, any help would be appreciated


  • I also started on the 1st & Ive got 2 young kids & work full time. Im looking to lose 100 lbs
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    Perhaps a walk once the kiddies are in bed? I am not sure of your schedule. You may need to provide more info for better feedback, such as when you wake, when the kiddies wake, when you run the daycare until, what time the kids go to bed if they have a routine...
    If you have stairs in your house, you could always walk those for exercise if you're limited on time.
    The most important thing I find for weight loss is proper food & water intake & sleep.
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    hello.. im nicola .. i have 3 young children too.. i never get time to myself to exercise.. im 15 stome 9 lbs nd hve alot to lose.. as i dont find time to do much im concentrating on my diet... will take longer.. BUT if i plan exercise at home ( i have a wii nd exercise dvds oh and lots of books lol ) nd i cant fit any in i get very depressed, dishearted and feel useless that i coldnt do it... perhaps just try to do little bits of exercise like 5 min here and there.. nd in that short time get ur heart pumping... STAIRS ?? i run up mine when i need to go up.. little things will help xxxx (hope it makes sense )
  • I too started officially on the 1st of January 2013, but before the holidays started I tried to get myself into a mind set, so I avoided foods that were not good for me and loaded up on the other stuff like veggies etc. . .

    As far as your problem goes, you need to find time for yourself and only yourself, even if it's just 5 minutes. I try and do this at lunch time but I am having troubles because my routine is to go outside and take a walk, but it's 6 degrees and I am a woosy when it comes to cold weather. I try and walk the stairs in my building, get up as much as possible and just move as much as I can. Maybe playing exercise games with the children will also teach them the importance of exercise and you can get some too.

    Good luck to you!
  • Hi, how many kids in day care . Could you all go outside for a walk, or trip to park(weather permitting). Just trying to wrangle small kids can be a work out in itself. Keep a note pad in the kitchen if you are having trouble logging in as you go, and do it all before bed time.
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    I also have two little ones and find it extremely hard to find time to exercise. I've started getting up an hour earlier while they are still asleep to work out. I have a elliptical at home, but if you don't have your own workout machine, you could pick up some fun workout videos. Some of my favorites are Zumba, Taebo, and Carmen Electra's Strip Aerobics. Other ways I fit exercise in is by encouraging my kids to play games with me on the Wii or Kinect. Not only does it help me burn some calories, it's also helping keep them active and we get to spend time together as a family. Finally, on weekends we sometimes go on family bike rides. My son still has training wheels, so sometimes it's a slow ride, but any activity is better than sitting around.