I am looking at a heart rate monitor/calorie counter at WalMart for about $37. There is no transmitter with this monitor. Does anyone know anything about it? Do I have to buy a separate transmitter? Does the watch itself actually measure the heart rate? Is it accurate? Is it difficult to use?

I have been trying to break the 20-pound mark for over a week now, and I think it's mostly an issue of not having the correct amount of calories figured for my exercise. Thus, the need for the monitor to accurately count calories burned...


  • lilchino4af
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    My husband got me a HRM for Valentine's Day and it comes with a chest strap and watch. The chest strap makes it more accurate because it's getting a constant reading of your HR while you workout. If you can find something like that (Walmart may not have it, but a Sporting Goods store should) then I would go that route. They'll be $15-30 more than the Walmart one, but if accuracy is what you're looking for then the money will be well worth it!
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    I recently bought a Sportline duo 1010 monitor at ****'s Sporting Goods. It was $70. I'm pretty happy with it but don't have anything to compare it to. The chest strap allows continuous readings during your exercise and would be required to do the calorie counts you want. The "duo" part of the name is because it will work without the strap too. When the strap is not used you need to touch the metal part around the face of the watch to get an "instant" reading. With the strap you can also set a target heart rate zone and it will tell you your max and average heart rate as well as the amount of time you spent below, in, and above your target heart rate zone.

    I'm no expert but I'm pretty happy with my purchase.
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    This one has the best review of a moderately priced HRM.

    If you get it at amazon, then you can get free shipping! It comes with a chest strap and a calorie counter, which I believe you want.
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    Well, mandi9041... You are the coolest person i've ever seen on this website! Actually, I just bought the walmart one for 27 bucks, and i think it'll work just fine for me! :) I'm so excited to use it tomorrow (already did my workout today).

    But you really are cool. And guapa and flaquita también!