What are your rewards when you reach a goal?

I have been told setting goals and rewards can help you achieve a greater weight loss. I am currently at 29lb lost. I set my 1st goal at 50. The problem is I can't think of anything to reward myself with other than shopping for a couple outfits/shoes. I was wondering what goals/rewards you have set for yourselves


  • DuhhMuffin
    Well, when I reach my goal weight I'm getting a tattoo :3
  • Hales_Bales
    I think goal setting is very important. I think the smaller the goal the smaller the reward but weighing your self doesn't necessary work b/c muscles weighs more than fat. So I reward myself based on the food I have ate or the amount of calories I have burned. I started with a weekly reward and moved to monthly and now I am at a three month reward (haha I haven't been a member for long) My weekly reward was that I had to work out for 45 minutes 4 days a week and make healthy choices eating. I rewarded myself with a pedicure. My one month goal was to work out 20 days at least 30 minutes and I rewarded myself with a facial. My three month goal is to lose 10 lbs by working out and making healthy food choices. If I make this goal I am getting a 1 hr full body massage. I feel like this goal is far away and can get boring but it can get expensive. If you have kids or a significant other, you can make goals/rewards with them. An example would be "if I work out 4 times this week, you have to fold the laundry, do the dishes, etc". Good luck!
  • lindan70
    lindan70 Posts: 18 Member
    For each mini goal I will get a massage or get my nails done. When I reach my final goal I'm buying a new wardrobe!
  • gwenkathleen
    It's important not to reward yourself with food, which is something I used to do a lot. I sometimes still do that, but have to remember that we eat to FUEL our bodies, not treat our taste buds! I still struggle with the mentality of treating myself with food...

    I think buying yourself something *small* is a good reward... I've bought myself a record when I hit a bigger goal... or buy a movie on-demand. You don't want to add more debt to your credit cards for doing something good for yourself ;)
  • xxvogue
    xxvogue Posts: 172 Member
    A new wardrobe at the end? xD

    If I had more money, I'd do thinks like haircuts, manicures, new jewelry or shoes (which I could wear at any weight!), massage... etc.

    When I reach my goal weight, I think I might get a tattoo. My name means "bird" in japanese, so I might get a bird, or a tattoo with both Arabic and Hebrew expressing a peaceful sentiment (both of which are languages I "speak").
  • kassiebby1124
    kassiebby1124 Posts: 927 Member
    Final goal, tattoo. 2, maybe. I gave quotes I want.

    I will be buying a **** ton of clothes though
  • TrishaM45
    I either go with a mani/pedi or a one hour massage. :) Since I'm starting over, my first goal is when I hit my first goal, I'm going for the massage.:smile:
  • meeksfour
    meeksfour Posts: 59 Member
    Yep, mini goals work best for me. I tried to pick something I could dress up for and know there will be pictures. This way I have a photo journal of every ten pounds. First 10, murder mystery girls weekend. Second 10 was a concert to see def leopard and poison with my husband. Third 10 will be a spa day (-40). Goal weight will be a weekend with my husband. Either a 5K fun run in Las Vegas ( never done this before) or maybe a car cruise or poker run.

    Pick something you can go and do or something you have been wanting to try. This summer I want to rent a paddle board on the lake and I want to goto a indoor/outdoor rock wall climbing fitness center and give it a try.

    don't give up!
  • Swibbels01
    Swibbels01 Posts: 47 Member
    Thanks for the input! I could really use a manicure lol