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Columbus Ohio in the house ~ I weigh in today!

:tongue: Looking for a buddy or 2 in my area to workout together !
So today is the day I weigh in ~ Hope i see low numbers :)

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  • cyndilynn13
    cyndilynn13 Posts: 20 Member
    Welcome! My first week on MFP too! I also live in Columbus! Good luck with your journey - feel free to add me as a friend!
  • ClaireElaineDJ
    I just started today, and I live in Columbus. Not far from Groveport or Reynoldsburg. Where are you?
  • ohiojovigirl
    Im on cols also. good luck
  • sgtrowley
    sgtrowley Posts: 246 Member
    Good luck. Im in Gahanna.
  • devan33
    devan33 Posts: 177 Member
    Good luck today! I'm SE of Columbus. Feel free to add me, diary is always open to friends! :)