One year progress

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Started this journey one year ago today (pre-myfitnesspal!). I have lost 75 pounds (25% of my starting weight!) and 32 inches overall. I feel so much better, my outlook is better, I enjoy DOING things (especially GEOCACHING!!!) and I find I dress much better. I totally believe myfitnesspal is what keeps me on track/accountable-not that I always eat RIGHT, but my worst day now is better than a "good" day used to be.
It was so hard to imagine *then* how good I could feel in one year. Hey, look what I have to look forward to next March!!!
Looking Forward,


  • Holton
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    I loved your line "my worst day now is better than a good day used to be" telling that is for all of us! You have succeeded in losing the weight and staying on track for a year! You are living the good life now, so keep it up! Thanks for the inspiration!
  • DeeDeeLHF
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    Hey Tami!!! Congratulations! One year of sticking with it is a great accomplishment. :love: The 75# is bonus!!! Yippee for you!

    Hope you are planning a nice reward for yourself...a new nail color, an extra 5 minutes in the shower, etc. :bigsmile: You can tell I live for really big things!!! :laugh: :laugh: :blushing:

    Best of luck with the next year!!!

    Hats off to you!:flowerforyou:

  • feeny
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    i LOVE geocaching!

    congrats on your loss!
  • awesome job!
  • youngs
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    Congrats goes out to you:flowerforyou: You should be so proud of yourself for the progress that you have made in the last year:blushing: Just think of what the next year has to bring for you:love: You are doing wonderful and you deserve a big hug and pat on the back..:wink: Keep us updated as you cont. on for another year of your life style change:happy: and make sure and give yourself a really nice reward for the Awesome job you have done:drinker:
  • Awesome! I hope to be able to stick with it for a year, what an inspiration. :flowerforyou:
  • talrcat
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    Thank-you all for the encouragement and kind words. I could not have done it without your support and myfitnesspal!