Kind of stuck. Anyone else have this happen??

I've been eating healthier and exercising now for 3months and I'm happy with the fact that I've lost some weight. However, I I've hit this point, like I have many times in the past, that I'm tired of all the weighing and counting etc, etc and I just want to eat. This week has nagged me with cravings for the bad stuff. I haven't given in too much. Maybe a couple hundred extra calories here and there but I haven't gone off the deep end and eaten a pizza or a pint of ice cream. Could the fact that I made brownies this past weekend and have been eating them for the last few days be part of the problem?? I love my sweets and I haven't given them up but I have stayed away from having large amounts like this in the house. Has anyone else gone through times like this and if so how did you get past it??


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    I have recently started using MFP and riding (spinning when weather doesn't permit) and in the past 2 weeks I have lost about 5 pounds. I find that it can be a bit daunting to stick to a rigid plan, so I do this. I concentrate on why I am doing this. I am doing this for my health, to be a better example for my children and to add life to the years that modern medicine allows each of us to enjoy. I teach my patients to do the same, be active, eat right and life life to the fullest. I do reward myself every now and then but I don't go overboard (kind of like what you mention, here there but no pizza or anything). The key for me is to reassess my readiness to change and now that I have made changes, I visit why I did it in the first place and ask myself, 'is that cookie, cake etc worth it?' additionally, how much more do I have to run, bike, swim etc to burn it off?
    I hope this helps and lastly, I also pray. I ask for guidance and strength to overcome my weaknesses and obstacles to my new lifestyle.
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    Up your protein the default amount here is too low. Be completely honest and research foods what is the quick add calories? Kool-aid with sugar has carbs list the sugar seperately. Try stevia instead of sugar then you will have more calories for healthy dense food like nuts.
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    I might get an *kitten* kicking for this advice, but if you're feeling worn down and deprived, what if you gave yourself one indulgence day, when you could eat absolutely anything (but keep track). Report back with glee about all the wonderful things you ate that one day. And then resume eating within your normal calorie counts, and if you can, be inspired by your indulgence to reduce a little more that week. You can do this in a way that you maintain your weight for the week, or even still lose a bit if you're under your calories for the week! Whatever you do, don't get worn down to the point that you give up. It's better to be realistic, treat yourself now and then, and maintain a positive healthy trajectory!


    Edit: I should say that doing this is what helped me to lose 46 lbs already in a sustainable way (gone for six years). Just joined MFP to help with taking care of the rest! :) For me, an all or none pyschology reinforces restriction-binge behaviour, so i prefer to approach things with more moderation, but everyone is different, find what's right for you. And we're all behind you! :)
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    Stock up on some high protein snacks.

    If you want to indulge in sweet things, I would suggest you eat fewer of them throughout the day, like cutting out the jelly with breakfast. You may even find that doing this lessons the cravings somewhat. Then, indulge with with something really satisfying, like dark chocolate.

    The other thing I do is give myself a "cleanse." I set one week where I can't indulge at all. Clean eating for one week. It is just enough to get me out of the habit of having sweets every day. After that, I don't have to be so careful, I just have lots of fresh, home prepared meals and the occasional treat.

    Also, the only chips in the house right now are whole grain pita chips, and that was because we got them free with another purchase.
  • DuhhMuffin
    I allow myself something unhealthy every now and then so I don't go crazy. As long as it doesn't become a habit.
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    I am stuck, in fact I lost 10 lbs and gained 12. It is a constant battle, but I am going to continue this battle. It is a lifestyle change and I am not perfect. Keep working hard!
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    The sugar thing is something I've been wondering about that could be the cause of my issue this week. I totally do not believe in banishing foods from my life because I don't see the point. I can live a healthier life without giving things up. I've just learned better moderation but I have had a lot of sweets since New Years Eve and I do know that the more sugar you eat the more your body craves it. Guess I'll just have to see how the next few days go as I lower my sugar intake.
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    Well, I'll tell you what works for me; I stay strict and on track with my diet all week and have a treat day on saturday. For me its easier to say no to all the goodies, yummies and carbs during the week if I know I can have it later. the trick is to throw EVERYTHING out sunday morning so there isn't anything laying around to tempt me. If it isn't possible to throw it away, have someone you live with stick it in a container and stash it. I also feel so bloated and gross by saturday night I want a week (sometimes 2) before I even see another plate of pasta or muffin. Hope this helps!
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    The sugars will most assuredly drive you to desire more food. Find an alternative to the sweets. Natural sugars through fruit. Even sugar free jellies are a better alternative.