Help w/Tennis Elbow

I think I have tennis elbow :angry: . I worked out yesterday with my trainer. We used kettlebells and other free weights. After my workout, my elbow was bothering me just a wowzers! Even walking (the movement) hurts.

Any suggestions on how to eleviate the pain or make it get better? I've never had it and I'm allergic to all ibuprofen.

Thanks for the input!

Sheila :flowerforyou:


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    I sympathise. I got it in one elbow last Spring & the other in Autumn. Sorry to tell you I'm still suffering. Massage the area, hot & cold compress & any pain relief you're not allergic to. There are exercises you can google to build strength once the initial flare dies down. I have been having physio & ultrasound since Oct once a week & have been advised not to do anything repetitive. Easier said than done! You can get supports from the chemist which a lot of people swear by but I found it very restrictive. Good luck, I hope it goes quickly!
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    I am glad you posted this. I have had severe tennis elbow since June. My doctor told me don't do any exercises that cause you to move your wrist up and down especially holding weights. She said people think that tennis elbow is the movement or stressing of the elbow but it isn't, it is a muscle that runs from the wrist up to the inside of the elbow. If you go to the drugstore, they sell a band that goes around your arm that compresses that one muscle when you use it. It doesn't cure it, but it allows you to use the arm without making the tennis elbow worse. The strap wraps around your arm near the elbow and the inside has a raised part that gently pushes down on the muscle. It sounds strange but it really does work. I also alternate ice and heat. Unfortunately, my Dr. said that once you have it, you have to be careful so it doesn't become chronic. Mine is chronic now.. :( Good luck!!
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    My tennis instructor basically said that exercises are best. He gave me some to do with bands, they should be easily found online with videos as they are nothing complicated. It helps strengthen the area to prevent it from hurting. Stretching also helps for me.
  • Strengthening the elbow is going to be your best bet. There are a number of exercises out there you can do, and various ways you complete them. There is also a product specifically made for this call the Thera-Band FlexBar, and if you use it with an exercise called the Tyler twist, it really works. My husband is a weight lifter, and got it pretty bad, so I got him a blue one, and he uses it just about every day now, and his pain was gone in about a week. This is the manufacturers site: