My experience with Transformers :(

This is how bored I was on my way home from school (an hour drive). Ok, so this semi started following me through traffic. The only explanation to that is that it was a transformer watching over me. This I though "HEY! That probably means MY CAR is a transformer too!!" so I was really hoping to get into some epic crash and that my car to save me. No go. But my car's name is Perseus (Yes, from the Percy Jackson movie...I saw it too many time...) so my car would be an EPIC transformer!!! I would be a transformer AND a demigod! HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?!?!?! And then the semi turned and I arrived home safely without any epic crashed :(


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    OP - were there drugs or alchol involved?
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    Is this crossover fanfiction? I hate that.
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    where you high at all today?
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    I'm all like, ok megatron, you don't like me and I don't like you but were going to transform you into the gun so starscream can shoot you at the autobots ok? So I'm all were does this stock go? is this a scope or a silencer. What the heck is going on!! GAH! I need some Mr T. So after I have my breakfast gnash I finish up megatron, then pull out starscream. his hand is way to small for megatron. what gives? really, this is just crazy.

    I basically freak out at this point, and get jetfire. ok wait a minut

    whattt? Macross..Then I went to bed