High protein & low carb meals?

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Hello all you lovely foodie people!

I enjoy cooking but have got terrible habbits when it comes to carbs, all my meals revolve them and i really need to lower it to a healthier limit. I've also discovered i'm really lacking in my protein levels too. So i'm looking for some delicious high protein low carb recipies please! Make my mouth water :tongue:


  • FR89
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    i need some ideas too.. i've got a bad carb addiction.. looking to lower my carb intake too!! :frown:
  • coppertop_4
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    Pick your protein for each meal and then build around it.

    Pork - grill and serve with grilled veggies
    Steak- serve with salad
    Chicken- serve with any veggies

    You just have to leave the large quantities of potatoes (still good for you) rice and bread off your plate, or decrease the size.

    Add almonds beans or boiled eggs to salads

    taco's can be taco salad or you keep it to one tortilla
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    When I reduce my carbs I do great, but it is my addiction and I admit it. Sugges for variety you just google low carb meals and you will find lots of ideas. I still use my south beach diet cookbook because that diet is based on low carb. lots of their recipes online too. pinterest is great for recipes, and one of my fav sites is http://www.skinnytaste.com/

    The trick for me is to NOT have certain carbs in the house. I don't keep bread, I don't keep pasta, and if I do have a carb I try to substitute good carbs , ie beans, quinoa, whole grains, Sweet potato etc. We do need them, we just need them in our diet, just need it to be the good kind, not the refined bad kind!!
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    Maybe try making wraps using Lavash Bread (http://www.netrition.com/josephs_bakery_lavash_bread.html). Far less calories than tortillas and way less carbs too ((lavash is only 100 calories &14 g carbs for the full wrap). Then stuff with chicken or tuna and some lettuce and I use Laughing Cow cheese and/or some Louisiana Hot Sauce. I also "grill" the wraps sometimes by spraying some Pam Olive Oil spray and then heating in a skillet.

    They also make a great low carb/low cal pita bread http://www.josephsbakery.com/SubPages/StaticPages/ProductDetails.aspx?ID=a882465d-659f-4dd7-9850-c8daf449f7d4

    Both can be found at Walmart and are cheaper too than FlatGirl Flatouts and a better bargain in the carb category too.

    Spaghetti squash is awesome as far as being very low cal with little carbs and try using plain Greek yogurt and add some Truvia and vanilla extract to make it sweeter/better flavored. Plain Greek yogurt packs in roughly 23 g of protein, no carbs, and low sugar (9g) twice as much protein as the pre-flavored and half the sugar. While spaghetti squash isn't exactly as good as a nice plate of penne pasta, it is pretty good and very filling! Plus because it's so low calorie, you can have a huge serving so if you're like me and the visual of having a huge quantity of food is your thing, this will do it!

    Good luck on your journey!
  • caseyg9888
    Build your meals around protein! Then add in good carbs. For example, instead of chicken breast, french fries, and white rice, make yourself some chicken, broccoli, and BROWN rice. The brown rice takes longer to digest and has more fiber than white rice. And do I really need to compare and contrast french fries vs broccoli? ;)
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    Protein - chicken fish eggs steak with salad or vegetables avoiding potatoes or any white rice. Brown rice or brown pasta is good. Avoid sugars also within sauces. I use the Harcombe Diet which is non calorie dieting but I use MFP to record what I eat and keep me focussed. Good combination of both. Go back to natural foods do not use refind. It works