I can't stop from eating..........i'm never full, yes i'm drinking water.................I'm not sure the cause . I am going to gain....I go an d exercise and that is making me more hungry. I looked at my log and I def. have PMS. I am not logging ALL my food down, and bindging.............prior to the two day binge i had no appititie. I will GAIN if I don't stop!!!! Two days a go I ate 16 oz, flat iron steak....800 calories, it fit in but that is not good. I am less than 20 pounds to goal, ..........yep i am frantic.

I did have a stress in my life.....i got a major traffic ticket and i need to go to court. I didn't see a state trooper pulled over on the side of the road and I didn't attempt to get in the other lane, law in VA..............

HOW DO I STOP THIS MADNESS.......?????? and is it too late??


  • rkascak
    rkascak Posts: 224 Member
    eat things that are filling and low calorie. like a big salad. Get your mind off of your ticket by doing other things than just eating, maybe read a book or go for a walk out, even if it is cold just bundle up
  • Celestia
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    Its not too late! Tell yourself why you are trying to be healthy. Remind your mind and body that you are on a path to a healthy life. Pick up and start working out and/or eating less. i'm sorry that you are stressed out but over eating will make the stress on yourself worse. PMS time is especially difficult times for me because I go a little overboard, but I take it one day at a time and start over again.

    Good luck!:flowerforyou: