Sodium Question

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I am looking but have yet to find a low sodium cottage cheese. So the days I have cottage cheese and canned salmon, I am always over on my sodium (couple times a week). I drink a ton of water 14 cups minimun. How much water extra do you drink if you are over sodium? Just curious! Also, if i am drinking this much water, do i even need to worry about being 500-700mg over on sodium? Thanks!


  • erickirb
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    I would suggest an extra glass for every 250-300 mg you are over so if you are over by 300 I would drink 2 extra 8 oz glasses. No mathematical formula here just a rule of thumb that I follow.

    There is one brand at the grocery store I shop at that has reduced sodium cottage cheese. It still has a fair bit but only about 2/3 of what other have, and I like the taste better as I detest the taste of salt.
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    When I was eating cottage cheese before, it was so hard to control my sodium levels. I don't eat it anymore, because I don't eat dairy as part of my diet.

    I've found a low sodium cottage cheese from Friendship. It's made with 1% lowfat milk and has 60 mg of sodium per sodium.

    Here's a pic:
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    One day I was 1000 gram over in sodium because I had canned salmon (entire can), Trader Joe's chicken skewers, and walden salad dressing not realizing the amount of sodium until I plugged in the numbers MFP. This site is great. Now, I know what to stay away from or at least not have each of these items on the same day. It caused a 1.8 water weight gain.

    What do you consider low sodium for cottage cheese?
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    I took a peek at your food. 260 sodium for cottage cheese is pretty good. Looks like the lunch meat and soups may be getting you. On day's I have lunch meat I almost always go over! I also cut out caned soups, stuff like lean cuisines... etc. I love lunch wraps, and when I eat them they are LOADED with sodium! If you have the time you can always bake your own chicken, shred it up and store it for the week for lunch meat, it would be less in sodium. When I'm on the run I do just grab packaged food, but eatting stuff you make your self is the best way to cut down on sodium. Well, that's what I've found works for me so far :wink:
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    I bought tomato soup this week, but will not be buying it again. It didn't taste that good and I felt like I was licking the salt shaker. LOL. That IS an easy fix.
    As for the lunch meat, I have a homedaycare and grabbing a sandwich on the run keeps from from over eating while they are eating their lunch. I have tried using leftovers for lunch as a sandwich but find it dry and i end up adding more mayo. I've limited the canned fish to one can a week, which is two lunches. I try to eat fish on fridays for lent. However, I think I may try to cook extra at dinner as leftovers, that are quick to reheat. And this weekend I may make some home made soup, which should lower sodium for a fast meal. I just don't want to change too much cause I finally have my protein way up, where i want it, and I'm happy with the menu.

    I appreciate the advice and help!