First NSV in a long time and some progress.

I admit I have been struggling with motivation for the last 6 months nothing I do has really been working.
Life keeps getting in the way of where I want to be as it tends to when you have a young family.
But I am almost at my 2nd MFP birthday, I haven't lost as much as lots of people here, or as fast.
But I have still lost it. and I have managed to stay within 5lb of my lowest weight as an adult EVER
I'm a little higher than I'd like but not bad for the post-christmas period.

Dec 2010 I weighed at least 232lb - December 2012 - I weighed 189lb (lowest 182)

I am doing a presentation/interview on Monday afternoon to four people that are starting to loose their excess weight this year.
I've been asked to talk about how I did it, what works, what didn't and how I stayed motivated.
They asked me on Wednesday if they can film it as they are thinking about putting it as a feature on their website.
(its a new website based in the UK for helping you access sport and fitness near where you are - part of the olympic legacy)
so after a mild panic I agreed to the filming but I needed some half decent clothes to wear - not the baggy I'm making them last as I am too tight to go and buy more trousers as I know they will be too big for me before the end of the year trousers.
I braved Marks and Spencers as I had two gift cards from last year and its another two weeks to payday and I'm broke.

I found a pair of size 14 per una (their designer range) trousers in a size 14 that fit me perfectly. M & S have always anoyed me as I always had to go up to a larger size in their clothes to get them to fit and nothing fitted at all from their designer range.
I went from children's clothes into Size 14 womens clothing the first time I bought adult clothing. I never believed for
once instant I could be back in them, its taken almost 25 years but it's worth it.

I am feeling really excited about this year now, I think it has helped alot to be able to look back on where I have come from
instead of constantly staring at that mountain in front of me and getting depressed.
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