MFP calorie goal vs The Scooby calculator goal?

I switched to maintenance about a month ago, mostly because I am happy with my weight, but want to work on gaining muscle. MFP says I need to be eating 1440 calories, plus exercise calories, to maintain. However, when I put my stats into the Scooby calculator, it says that my TDEE is just a hair shy of 1600.

For both calculators I said that I was sedentary, so I don't understand the big discrepancy. Does anyone here recommend one calorie calculator over another?

Just for reference, I'm 4'11" and 108lbs


  • NaurielR
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    Does anyone have any advice for me?
  • kelleyannclemons
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    I have always heard your TDEE is more accurate. Also, 1400 calories is not the recommended (even in the low range) amount that a woman should consume for their daily requirements. At least nowhere I have seen. I also am not sure what they consider on the low range for height either. Sorry, not much help, but it is another opinion to consider. :)
  • cmriverside
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    It's only 160 calories. Split the difference.