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Weather and Weight Loss

I am struggling with sticking to my goals. I really want to build myself to be going to the gym at least 5 days a week however from the weather changing it seems almost everyday I suffer from symptoms of vertigo. My head feels like a dead weight and I am exhausted. Does anyone else struggle when the weather is so up and down and if so do you have any coping strategies to help? I am desperate to figure out some sort of relief. I do take a cold and sinus tablet, its helps but only so much. Thank you in advance!


  • cmriverside
    cmriverside Posts: 34,155 Member
    If it's vertigo, go see a doctor. They may be able to treat inner ear problems.

    I get sinus pressure when there are barometric changes, and those changes are more frequent in the winter. Have you tried a Neti Pot? Best thing I ever did was starting to use one of those. If your issue is sinus squeeze, it will change your life, for pennies a month without drugs.

    But veritgo is a whole other you need to figure out which it is.
  • ylor89
    ylor89 Posts: 105 Member
    My friend has vertigo. She has some pretty intensive treatments to keep her up and going. She goes through depressing (and very intense!) moments, which makes it hard to be around her. But as long as she's seeing her therapists and doing the recommended exercises, she does feel much better. In fact, she's been doing really well the last few months! :smile:

    I do hope you are getting help if it is vertigo. :wink:

    As for relief...I used to get headaches a lot from stress. I also got sick almost every week! It was getting ridiculous. So another friend of mine told me that someone told her to drink two cups of green tea every day with a big drop of honey made close to home. She's been doing that the last seven years...and hasn't gotten sick since! Well, I thought I'd give it a try... I'm two months into this and haven't gotten sick. I also work in a couple special education classrooms...I have a couple spitters and plenty of snotters. And I haven't gotten sick since I've been drinking this "potion." Give it a try if you want! Tea is good for the soul!