Hey guys! I just moved out on my own for school and i'm hoping to find people to help motivate me to stay active and eat right. I'm finding it hard to motivate to get out and do stuff. I know there are plenty of options but i'm a little shy and stepping out of my comfort zone take a little pushing. Anyway, feel free to add me and give advice!


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    Hey! College was the best time of my life so you will enjoy yourself. You really have to monitor your eating habits in college because there are a lot of temptations both on and off campus. When I was a freshman, I gained more than just the freshman was more like the freshman 20-30 lol! It was horrible. Just be aware of the foods your are taking in and make use of your school's rec center. It's included in your tuition and they more than likely have some awesome classes such as zumba and weight lifting that you can take. If your school doesn't have a rec center, get a membership at the local YMCA. Their membership fees are income based and with you being a college student, the fees will probably be cheap.
  • i'm a sophomore in college, i'll add you :)
  • Hey, I'm in college too. I'm a transfer student with an associate's degree. So, I guess I'm a junior going for my bachelor's and hoping to loose alot of weight during my last 2-3 years in college.
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    I'm a transfer student too! I lived at home the past two years while I got my associates! I moved out though this semester (actually a week ago) and I really want to use this time to help motivate and start fresh. I've been pretty good about stocking my apartment with only healthy stuff but last night I kinda snapped and was feeling super home sick and went to the store and bought chips and dip and m&m's! But I gave the rest of what I didn't destroy to my roommate and I don't plan on eating it!
  • I just graduated and started grad school, you can add me if you want! I loved staying fit in school!
  • Hey! I just finished my second year of undergraduate (yay southern hemisphere academic years?) and in the past two years I've learned a lot about eating healthy at college. The first year I was living on campus, so while the food wasn't amazing, it was healthy enough. The dining hall did have healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Depending on what college you're at, they may have different choices (eg. salad bar, sandwiches, etc).

    I've been flatting in my second year, living in a flat with 5 other uni students. This is where it got REALLY hard to eat healthily because we have a strict budget and my flatmates aren't as health-conscious as I am. The best advice I can give you if you end up flatting is to buy your own food when you can afford it, and to keep track of what you're eating. I didn't keep track of anything I ate last year and anyway, now that it's summer and I'm at home again, I'm losing the weight I've gained.

    Portion control is a huge factor! That and partying..I've heard lots about the people who go out and drink, it's really easy to put on weight that way. Also, be sure to get lots of exercise -- I walk whenever I have to go somewhere and I joined the uni gym to stay fit :]
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    I totally understand how you feel, I much rather just grab lunch on campus which is easy but not healthy so I'm making a point of cooking more at home and bringing things with me, I'm currently obsessed with smoothies! Anyways I'm in college too and new at this so feel free to add me

    btw something funny that happened is when I signed up I accidentally typed that my weight was 220 pounds and it's actually 120 so the site just congratulated me on losing 98 pounds in one day =D haha (i am still trying to figure out how to fix it!)
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    Hey, freshman theatre major/dance minor here :) Any of y'all can feel free to add me
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    i had the opposite problem of weight gain, i lost about 15-20 lbs, the dining hall was not vegan friendly at the time (i'm jut vegetarian now), they actually weren't vegetarian friendly either so i lived off of salad, salad on a sandwich and cereal lol. i've been out of school a few years now but i loved it, and yeah def take advantage of the fitness center if they have one! mine didnt offer classes but they had a cardio room and weight room, and were open until 11pm which was nice. good luck to you and feel free to add me!
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    I'm a college student too! The food in my dining hall is amazing and so I end up eating a ton, but I also walk a lot (at least 30min-1 hour) daily because our campus is huge! Therefore I haven't truly gained weight, but I am hoping to get healthier next semester. Feel free to add me anyone :)
  • Congratulations!