Fitbit One or Fitbit Ultra?

I've been looking at buying a Fitbit ultra from eBay, but I just went to the site to see how much it costs brand new, and the don't have Ultra, they have One. It looks like the only difference is that One has bluetooth and is weatherproof?

Since it's a lot of money to invest, which would be the best route to go, One or Ultra?


  • newcs
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    I was looking to get one a few months back but decided it's really just a fancy pedometer so I got a pedometer for wayyy less on Amazon and then later when I started working out, I got an HRM (Polar FT7)
  • lesita75
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    The FitBit One is basically the latest version of the FitBit Ultra. So there are a couple of extra bells and whistles. You can find the FitBit Ultra for $79.95 now. It is at BestBuy, E-Bay (brand new), and The FitBit website for that price. Of course there is always the option to buy a used one.
  • ChristyRunStarr
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    I like both, I've had both. I bought the Ultra and had it replaced twice-for some reason I had issues with the disply not readying anymore. Customer service is great. The second time, they replaced it with the One since they're not making the Ultra anymore. Honestly, I like them both differently but like how the Ultra clips on without the clip needed. I do like that the One syncs wirelessly though which works for me since I'm not at a computer during the weekends.

    You can still get the Ultra on places like ebay, and amazon (last I looked) as well as Target, the one I was in this weekend had it on sale actually but I don't remember the price.

    Brand new, both the Ultra and One cost $99.99. It's up to you really, the One also has a silent alarm (which I haven't used yet)