I can't wait til dinner!

So its Mexican night at our house. Splurging with a 'taco' salad, using a small amount of multigrain chips with a huge salad of musclin, endive and some coleslaw bagged mix thrown in for colour. Cutting up some peppers, chunky salsa, small amount of part skim shredded mozza, fat free sour cream, mexican black beans (done up in skillet with cumin and chili powder) and some chicken (bbq'ed with some taco seasning then cut into strips). I also made my first ever batch of guacamole too, with two avocadoes, onion, garlic, lime juice, hot peppers, yellow bell pepper, canned tomatoes and a few generous splashes of hot sauce. Its so yummy. I have 650 calories left for dinner plus have to my 40 min circuit cardio video yet for another 400 calories. Not sure what my portions will be but at least i have the calories today to have a 'healthy' but restaurant-like meal!

What's the best homeade dinner you've looked forward to lately?


  • roylawrence87
    roylawrence87 Posts: 970 Member
    Veggie Chicken parmasian, without paramasian.
    Your dinner sounds awesome! Wish I could have some!
  • CherokeeBabe
    CherokeeBabe Posts: 1,704 Member
    ChefJeremyC gave me a great recipe for Lemon Shrimp Fettuccine and it was delicious, I'll be making it again!
  • abbie38
    abbie38 Posts: 128
    Low fat pad Thai here :)
  • courtney_love2001
    courtney_love2001 Posts: 1,468 Member
    Sloppy joes with oven fries :)
  • tinap1
    tinap1 Posts: 27
    chow mein veggies with grilled shrimp..................brown rice! im having SUCH a hard time keeping enough calories for dinner. anyone have any suggestions for low cal breakfast and lunch?
  • McFatterton
    McFatterton Posts: 1,358 Member
    Homemade pizza (dough and all!) last night - half of a 12 inch pizza (4 large slices) for just under 600 calories - SO good. Pizza Hut's got nothing on me! :wink:
  • nakrya
    nakrya Posts: 191
    WW spaghetti with homemade turkey meatballs and a mixed green salad. Mmmmmm.
  • eliblish
    eliblish Posts: 124 Member
    Sloppy joes with oven fries :)

    Too funny!!! That's what i'm having too. :laugh: But sweet potato oven fries instead of regular.
  • Wolfena
    Wolfena Posts: 1,570 Member
    I'm making chili and honey bread - both homemade :tongue:

    I love making taco salad, we just had it earlier this week! I used baked tortillas and bagged spring mix, avocado, salsa, light sour cream, refried beans and extra lean ground beef browned with taco seasoning and lowfat shredded cheddar on mine.
  • godblessourhome
    godblessourhome Posts: 3,892 Member
    i look forward to every meal i make. lol. i make yummy food.
  • Supermel
    Supermel Posts: 612 Member
    yum, great ideas.

    Our dinner was even better than I had hoped. :) two new recipes tried, Jillian Micheals Easy Black Beans and my own guacamole miixture. YUM.
  • lvfunandfit
    lvfunandfit Posts: 654 Member
    We had homemade turkey chili tonight! Your salad sounded yummy!