Relatively New - and Needing Support

Hi All,

I am an almost 40 year old woman from the Midwest and I am looking for some support. If you would like to throw some my way, send me a friend invite!




  • eileenchristine
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    Am in Iowa. Been on MFP since last Sept. Joined cuz a friend was joining and he talked me into it. Didn't know I was ready or not but its so easy. I just made a commitment to logging my food. With that came better choices and now I am exercising! That started about 5 weeks ago.

    This is an amazing tool. Just get some great friends who are serious about logging daily and with seeing them losing weight and knowing they are going thru this too, it gets easier. Somedays you have setbacks and that's ok. Just log and and say well those choices kinda sucked and get back on track the next day.

    I haven't lost a ton of weight but its been steady and i joined TOPs for my weigh ins since I don't want to buy a scale and get obsessed over it.

    Add me if you want. I am on daily.