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What was for lunch???



  • motheroftwoboysmotheroftwoboys Posts: 74Member Posts: 74Member
    Spinach salad with tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, and taco sauce as my dressing. The taco sauce is really good if you like things hot and only 10 calories for TBS.
  • GTOgirl1969GTOgirl1969 Posts: 2,548Member Member Posts: 2,548Member Member
    I had a sandwich with 2 oz. of lean ham, and reduced fat Swiss cheese on whole wheat bread, with a tsp. of Dijon mustard, and half a can of Campbell's Select Italian Wedding soup.

    All together about 350 calories:smile:
  • zenmamazenmama Posts: 1,005Member Posts: 1,005Member
    Sorry all I can do is laugh at that question.....on overload sorry teehee :laugh:

    Lunch was good....
  • hmmmmhmmmm Posts: 616Member Member Posts: 616Member Member
    I feel as if I need to post again since I ate another lunch 2hours later I had 2 slices of 40 calorie bread 2 slices Of swiss.a Frozen breaded chicken patty a tbls of thousand island dressing and sauerkraut kind of a rueben but no corned beef. I was extemely sick last night and feel as if I need to eat extra food today I only have 450 calories left for tonight but I know I can still get a pretty decent meal out of that.
  • Life_is_GoodLife_is_Good Posts: 361Member Member Posts: 361Member Member
    3 oz shaved turkey in 2 whole wheat mini pitas with tomato & mustard
    1cup mixed greens with sliced strawberries & raspberry vinagrette
  • tiangelahtiangelah Posts: 144Member Posts: 144Member
    Not a real good lunch today.
    I got a subway cold cut combo 6inch
    a bag of Doritos and a large sweet tea.
    It looks like I will be eating a salad tonight lol:explode: :mad:
  • areayareay Posts: 463Member Posts: 463Member
    I had two Jenni-O Burgers (just the meat) with bell peppers and green beans. It was really good!! About a 350 meal! not bad
  • auntkarenauntkaren Posts: 1,490Member Member Posts: 1,490Member Member
    I have a bowl of cabbage soup left out of the batch I made a couple of days ago. Then I need to think of something else to cook up in the crock pot for tomorrow when I go shopping. I like to make enough to last me a few days.:smile:
  • breakingthepathbreakingthepath Posts: 124Member Posts: 124Member
    Can of vegetable beef soup and some bread. I'm so lazy, haha.
  • klb1965klb1965 Posts: 7Member Posts: 7Member
    Chicken Fajita Pita from Jack in the Box...delicious and a diet coke...I save a bit by buying my soda at the Circle K... .99 for 32 oz..course would save more if I remembered to bring one from home! :wink:
  • janellybellyjanellybelly Posts: 112Member Posts: 112Member
    I had a Turkey and cheese sandwich on sara lee 45 cal bread with mustard only. A light key-lime pie yogurt and 16 wheat thins! YUMMY!!!

  • dogwdotsdogwdots Posts: 146Member Posts: 146Member
    Turkey, swiss, mustard, lettuce, tomato on wheta bread. Big glass of water and an orange.
  • kmjgrantkmjgrant Posts: 80Member Posts: 80Member
    an 8oz cup of milk
  • lina1131lina1131 Posts: 2,246Member Member Posts: 2,246Member Member
    Subway 6" Turkey Breast Sandwich and Baked Lays!
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