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I am pretty young (23), but I feel like my joints are a lot older. My knees hurt until I'm warmed up when I run, and they sometimes get sore after. Also, my wrists are very weak, and hurt when I do plank moves and push ups.

For those of you who take supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin, do they work for you? Did you notice a difference in your joints after getting on a supplement regimen?

I bought a glucosamine/chondroitin complex supplement at the grocery store the other day. It says to take 3 pills once a day with a meal. It seems like kind of a lot. Are there any downsides to taking these supplements? Any side effects I should be aware of?



  • GomesDavid
    I know lots of people who’ve used it and reported improvements. I really believe that some people can run forever with no problems. But, that many will need to balance out running with some sort of lower body strength training to remain healthy.
    If you currently have an injury and your goal is to take a supplement to fix the problem - might be going to work if that is the only solution.
    i wanted u to read more about glucosamine and chondroitin here
    just go through it .... hope it helps :)
  • sunlover89
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    I do take a few supplements for the health of my cells, muscles and joints. Just because It's really not possible to get all the minerals I need from food and eat at a deficit. I take..

    Alpha lipoic acid (to divert energy to muscles instead of being stored as fat)
    Chromium (to help control blood sugar levels)
    Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium
    Mega Cissus (specifically for joint health)
    Vitamin D
    Rutin (for healthy vein walls)
  • LadyMousie
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    Yes there can be serious downsides and side effects especially if you have heart disease - google it. There is limited peer reviewed evidence that it has any benefit to joints. Fish oil, if you take the right amount has much more beneficial impacts on the whole body including joints
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  • jules1202
    I had problems like that at that age (I was in the army). As far as the knees, were you pigeon toed (Feet turned in) as a kid? Sometimes the knee pain is caused by gait issues that results in things rubbing wrong?? Sometimes therapy to build up the muscles properly can help or better running shoes. Alot of people have trouble with the wrist problems. Make sure your arms are in the proper position for push ups as some of it may be from positioning.

    I would give it a try and see if the stuff helps you and I would also try some omegas also along with calcium/magnesium.
  • demilade
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    my osteo advised fish oil for joint pain, especially if you have a diet that is low in essential fatty acids