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There are no "bad" carbs

This article is from Robert Ferguson from The Food Lovers fat loss program. This is the food program I'm on and I've lost 53 lbs since October.

Did you know that there are no bad carbs? Only "bad" ways to eat them, which is usually in an abundance at one time.

See, there are two basic categories of carbs: "fast" carbs (like bread, pasta, wine and desserts) and "slow" carbs (broccoli, beans, peas and tomatoes). The bad rap that fast carbs have gotten are primarily due to the glycemic index, but as you learned in a previous blog titled "Glycemic What?" you can't rely on this measurement because you don't always eat everything listed on the glycemic index in the amounts of 50 grams of carbs. If you did, that would mean eating 3 ½ slices of bread or one pound of carrots in a single meal.

What we do know however, is that if you reduce your carbs because of your concerns with how they measure on the glycemic index, not only will you be missing out on delicious and nutritious food - you may experience low energy, reduced mental clarity and find yourself rarely satisfied when it comes to feelings of satiety. Matter of fact, UCLA studies have shown that combining fast carbs, slow carbs and protein increases production of the appetitite-suppressing hormone glucagon-like peptide-1 by 20 percent and boost hunger controlling hormone cholecystokinin.

There are other studies that suggest that carb combining can lower blood pressure by 20 percent, cut triglycerides by 75 percent and reduce diabetes risk by 67 percent. So as you are less likely to feel hungry because you're eating carbs, you can also keep in mind that you are eating formerly forbidden food, but doing so in a way where you can reduce your waistline and upgrade your overall health and well-being.

This is your time to never diet again and enjoy your favorite carbs without the guilt. Here is another reason why you want to put into practice the principles of the Food Lovers Fat Loss System: Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond found that people wanting to lose weight who ate breakfast containing protein and carbs lose four times more than people who choose to go with a low-carb (low glycemic index) way of eating.

When it's all said and done, the key to maximizing life and your waistline is eating foods you love, but in proportions that support the body you want versus that of a diet yo-yo. Continue to take what you learn with Food Lovers and put into practice. As I always share with my clients, "It's not what you know, but what you put into practice that will provide you with the results you desire."

In Health,

Robert Ferguson, M.S., C.N.


  • kelli_panzera
    For normal people, this may be true. I am diabetic, and the "fast"carbs make me extremely ill. So for many of you with no metabolic issues i'm sure this could be true. For me, alas, though I love them they could kill me. Or at least put me into a coma : )
  • lt_mrcook
    lt_mrcook Posts: 389 Member
    Actually there are...refined sugar and refined flour are BAD.

    He's correct in that the difference between carbs is the rate at which your body breaks them down to useable sugars. The faster carbs are your fruits and veggies where there is ample natural sugar (simple sugars) waiting to be broken lose from the natural fiber (which is why refined products are fiber). The slower carbs are items with more complex natural sugars and more natural fiber. These take longer for your body to break lose from the fiber and then to break down those complex sugars into the simple sugar your body uses for fuel.

    Without the fiber to bind the simple sugars in refind products, there is no delay and a rapid spike in blood sugar levels. If not being used by activity, this sudden increase in blood sugar will cause a release of insulin. The problem with this huge spike in blood sugar is that it is VERY easily stored by your body (once your muscle glycogen is full and your liver glucose is full guess where your body stores the rest???). Plus you now have excessive amounts of insulin in your blood, having had to deal with all that blood sugar all at once. Now your body will crave more sugar to match that insulin level, so you will feel hungry sooner. The worst part is artificial sweetners, while calorie free, have been shown to have the same effect on your system and thus can make you feel hungry even when you don't need food.

    Here's the skinny on "BAD" carbs. If it was made by a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, avoid it.

    P.S. If the glycemic index isn't meaningful until 50g of carbs, why can diabetics throw their blood sugar off with a single cup of fruit juice? Juice equals natural simple sugar without the natural fiber binder. About the only time you need such simple, non-fiber bound carbs is when your body is burning sugar faster than is can release it (intensive, long duration cardio training, marathons, ironman races, etc).
  • cdavis1126
    cdavis1126 Posts: 301 Member
    Yes, we do not eat any refined sugar or refined flour on this plan. This is just a small part of what we do (carbs). There is a list called the dirty dozen that we avoid like the plague. Anything that is enriched or high fructose corn syrup as example.
  • stormieweather
    stormieweather Posts: 2,549 Member
    Refined carbs go though your system faster (it takes more work to break down the fiber which is part of most unrefined carbs). This leaves you hungry again much sooner than the fibrous carb would.

    Refined carbs also spike the heck out of my blood sugar, after which I am left with a headache and incredible tiredness. They are absolutely BAD for ME.
  • lt_mrcook
    lt_mrcook Posts: 389 Member
    Yup...refined good and HFCS are the devils goods....sounds like a good plan then....keep rocking it and good luck.
  • elizabethstn4
    Christine is totally Correct on this post!! I'm doing Food Lover's For Life also, along with my friend, Christine!! We don't eat sugar or, white flour. Only healthy sugars and Whole Wheat flour products!! It is the best weightloss program out there!!!

  • mommy2two07
    mommy2two07 Posts: 128 Member
    I have a friend at work who just recently started this a couple weeks ago and was talking to some of us today about it. I was kinda excited and interested but if you can't eat the refined stuff then there would be no way for me to stick to it so it would be a waste of my money.

    I wish w.w. wasn't so expensive. Isn't it more flexible? Where you can have pretzels or diet cookies for snacks.....basically anything in moderation right?