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Is it enough to make a difference?

My goals are to be working out at the gym 3-4 days a week right now. I am recovering from being ill (long term) and I am nervous this will not be enough exercise to help with weight loss/toning. I am currently aiming to do 40-60mins of cardio and I do about 20-25mins on weight machines. I have to watch how much I do in respect to the amount of days a week so I do not set myself back and end up in what my doctor would call recovery again. Before I was ill I could do 6 days a week, I felt like a power house, it was amazing however after I was in the hospital and on 6 medications I gained 80lbs. I have lost some weight, alot of people have noticed but now with introducing myself to the exercise again I am likely really anxious to start seeing results. I began my "journey" again on Jan 3rd and have changed quite a bit in my diet. I am not perfect but importantly I am eating more protein, fruit and vegtables then before and trying to stay within my calorie limit. If anyone has any suggestions/tips please feel free to write. Thank you in advance!


  • PINKinquisition1908
    PINKinquisition1908 Posts: 180 Member
    So glad to hear you are getting better. I know how that can be. On that note. Be encouraged. Anything you can do now is better than what you could do just a short time ago. Watch your calories and hit the gym as planned. It will make a difference. Even if you only see small losses that's something. Be proud of yourself for bouncing back.
  • moustache_flavored_lube
    Everything you do will make a difference. take it slow and build up strength and stamina, if you do this you will likely aid your recovery instead of hinder it.