Just starting on the journey

Hello, I joined MFP a while ago, but never stuck to it. I am determined to follow it this time and am inspired by all of your stories and successes!! Keep them coming. Any tricks or tips for staying motivated are always good too!


  • prettyeyesw
    I'm just starting my journey today, i have got to get this weight off and i am determined to do it. My DR recommended this web ite to me, can't wait to get started.
  • VioletML
    VioletML Posts: 8 Member
    hello, I joined 2 days ago...and I have to get off some holidays weight too...good luck!!!
  • Mezzta
    Mezzta Posts: 26 Member
    Hello, new here too, feel free to add me on your friends list.
  • pamays
    pamays Posts: 20
    I am new also... good luck to you all
  • capinoy
    capinoy Posts: 118 Member

    Feel free to add me as well. I would love to trade ideas with you and everyone else here. I gotten to the point where I lost a lot and now am working toward gaining more muscle, but I still am willing to share what I know with you all

  • karonsq
    I just started this today. I have been a weight watchers fan but the new 360 plan has not been working for me. Could be I am getting older and my body is not responding as it should. Thought I would try this site which has a lot of the online features weight watchers has. I will try it for a few weeks to see how it goes. If all goes well I will continue. With any plan I know accountabiltiy is key. Good luck to you all on this journey
  • smileylace
    smileylace Posts: 12 Member
    Hi! I also just joined and could use a few friends to go through this journey with.
  • janecarol61
    janecarol61 Posts: 45 Member
    Probably a silly question, but where do I find the people who "friend" me? I am getting emails saying people have, but I cannot find them. :blushing: