Was going strong but really lost momentum, Needing Support!

Ok, so last year around this time I was over half way to my goal and at this point I have lost and maintained about 60lbs. I still need to lose between 20 and 40 pounds but just can not seem to get remotivated on my healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals.

I need people to help get me motivated with all of their losses and positivity!!!

I've been in a funk lately where I think I should just eat what I want anyway because no matter how much I work out the food all cancels it out and I wont lose anything or get toned.

This is a common complaint on here I know but I really need to focus and get fit this is going to be a great year for me I just need to get in shape and enjoy my healthy lifestyle! Hopefully you will join me on my journey.


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    It is easy to get discouraged. I think you should get a pen and paper or go to your blog and write out some of your frustrations. You may run across something that you did not realize was creating a problem. Make a work out and eating plan. Decide what you want to do and make it different from before. Maybe change your focus. Sometimes a fresh outlook is all that we need. I have been on the see-saw as well. I got down to 145lbs about a year ago, then slowly went right back up to 167. Now here I am trying again, only now I know what my problem is. I binge compulsively.
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    This is you from the future. You are going to make it and it's going to be awesome!!

    When I hit that slump in the middle, I ended up splurging on sessions with a personal trainer. For me it helped to be accountable to someone else for my weight because I'm such a people pleaser, but had lost my motivation. He helped so much, taught me a lot of new things and helped me get within 10 pounds of my goal.

    I'm on my own again, but he still texts me ever so often to tell me I'm doing great or, if I see him at the gym, will give me a fist bump and tell me how awesome I am. It really helps, especially on those days when I'm not feeling it.
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    Hi! I feel you.... I was AMAZING for about two years then I hit a SIX MONTH PATCH where I just slid by. Didn't crash and burn, but was just happy with the status quo and little effort. It happens to us all.

    I think it helps to reflect on where you want to be in a month. What do you want to achieve? WHY? Truly reflect on what about this lifestyle you see as the benefits. Identify what might get in your way. Develop a plan and stick to it. GO THROUGH THE MOTIONS... fake it until you start to believe it again. If you don't make this personal, it's hard to be fully invested.

    I just posted this on my profile, and I hope it helps: "MmHmm... that would be walk number THREE for today. yes, Yes, YES!!!! I saw I was in danger of not making my 10,000 step goal and was feeling lazy and making excuses about feeling drained and my legs hurting. Then I saw a clip of a former NFL star diagnosed with ALS - he has now lost the ability to swallow or speak and communicates by looking at letters/words on a computer screen. He will likely be dead within the year. But he gets dressed and provides on-site encouragement to his former teammates EVERY GAME. Amazing!!! After that, what could possibly be my excuse for not doing everything I can to celebrate my body and what it can do? So, what's YOUR excuse?"

    Please consider your life and what you want out of it. You're WORTH the effort. And if you simply aren't feeling it for a few days, let it go. Be gentle with yourself.... and then grab this opportunity and GET BACK TO WORK! :smile: