Yesterday's NSV at an all-you-can-eat restaurant!

toxikon Posts: 2,384 Member
This isn't a big one by any means, but I'm still feeling proud.

My co-workers convinced me to join them at an All-You-Can-Eat sushi/asian restaurant. I was scared crapless. Usually when I go to this restaurant, I gorge myself on tempura shrimp, deep-fried dumplings, "crunchy" sushi rolls with bits of tempura in it... basically all deep-fried stuff. I was already feeling guilty on the way there.

When we got there, my co-workers ordered all the crispy, deep-fried morsels and dug in.

I ordered:
- seaweed salad
- mango salad
- miso soup
- edamame
- grilled teriyaki chicken

...And that was it! Okay, I ate ONE tempura shrimp. But I am so damn proud of myself!


  • CallMeCupcakeDammit
    CallMeCupcakeDammit Posts: 9,377 Member
    I know this is almost a year and a half late, but I hope you're still having NSV's like this one. It's hard not stuffing yourself at those places! :drinker:
  • cafeduus
    cafeduus Posts: 31 Member
    YOU GO GIRL!!!!! You should be damn proud of yourself!!!

    Way to stay true to yourself and your goals.
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