What was the last book you bought because of the cover?

Sparlingo Posts: 938 Member
What was the last book that you bought based on the cover/back alone? What grabbed you about it?

Did it end up being a good read?

I always judge books (and music albums) by their covers, I'll admit. Usually I'm pleased with what I find.
To answer my own question, I most recently purchased Iris Murdoch's "The Sea, The Sea" because I liked the sound of the author's name, I liked the cover graphic, and I liked the title and back cover blurb. It turned out to be a horribly boring book which I've neglected to finish as I don't like the protagonist.


  • hanklerfish
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    It was The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, because the cover is really bright and appealing and there was a review by Markus Zusak, who is one of my favourite authors.
    It was a brilliant read, which I've read several times since. (:
  • DragonflyF15
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    Letters From Father Christmas: J.R.R. Tolkien. It was staring at me at the check out at the library and it was the holiday season. That guy is quite the creative thinker! I enjoyed it, different than my usual reads. Currently reading The Power of Habit: Charles Duhigg Very interesting on the brain and how it forms habits and once learned, we never can really get rid of it, only make new habits to replace the behavior. I'm a bookworm and read just about everything and anything if it's left for me to read. :)
  • fishsticks913
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    Last set I bought was the Fifty Shades series....
  • links_slayer
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    Last book I bought was 10 years ago: Applied Industrial Chemistry

    edit: definitely didn't buy it for the cover....
  • ScatteredThoughts
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    Based on solely on the cover? I don't think I could ever pick a book that way. I have to read the blurbs and get some idea of what it is about.

    Now, "magazines" are a different story... *ahem*
  • BondBomb
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    The Glass Book of the Dream Eaters.

    It was unbelievably awful.
  • MBNagel74
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    I don't think I ever bought/read a book based on its cover. if the title catches my eye, I then read the summary/synopsis and reviews to see if it is something I want to spend time on.

    The last book I read was something on bunnies - for my 6 year old who so desperately wants one. (And she did most of the reading... lol)
  • anels449
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    House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski (there are a couple of different versions, I mistakening picked the one with just black and white photos) and Blood Meridian with the original cover (the only thing I knew about the book beforehand was that the original cover was more sought after). Both were for school and are on my favorites list. :)

    *Edit: To actually answer the question correctly. :p