Advice please from those who "lift"

I would like to ask some advice about lifting free weights.

Is it normal to feel your bicep/tricep muscles trembling after a strength training routine? I lift dumbells to failure - which right now is 3 sets of 10 reps each with wts. and have just recently upped the weight which I am able to just handle but notice the arms do tremble afterwards.

Also, if the reason you think the arms tremble after the workout is that I may not be warming the muscles up properly - can you tell me what kind of arm exercises would warm up the muscles before-hand to make them ready for lifting to failure? Right now I do about 100 jumping jacks to get me warmed up before I lift weights and other strength exercises.

Thanks a lot for your input - it's greatly appreciated.


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    I've finished many a workout before where the muscles worked would quiver some after the workout, usually if I hit them particularly hard during the workout.

    Just off the top, it sounds like you're going about it how it should be done!
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    As long as the trembling isn't extreme I wouldn't be overly concerned.

    If you do want to warm up, do a set or two with a lighter weight. (JUST too warm up. Then get your 'heavy' on!)
  • Hi! :)
    If you are new to lifting, then yes, trembling after a workout is absolutely normal. And.....good job, because you lifted with the intensity needed to elicit change!!! It sounds like your warm_- up is pretty good, anything to get the blood pumping. But when I lift, I start with a light warm- up set to target the specific muscles I''ll be working. So, for instance, if the first exercise in your routine is bicep curls, before you start your set of ten reps, you would choose a light weight (usually about half of what you would lift to failure with) and do about 20 or so reps. Try adding a warm- up set to all exercises and see if that helps a bit. :)
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    Sounds normal. Good on you for going to failure, it's the only way to work these babies.
    As someone else posted, you could do a light warm up set or you could decrease the jumping jacks and do a complimentary warm up excercise like a rowing machine.
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    Some trembling is normal and acceptable. It's especially pronounced in beginners while their CNS adapts to strength training
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    I don't really have anything to add, I just wanted to say I get a little excited every time I see your picture.
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    Thanks for all the info and feedback - helps a lot - you are great!! :D
  • Your muscles trembling is actually an excitatory response from your parasympathetic nervous system.