I'm looking for friends

I've been here before and just got back from a very long trip and realized I only have 2 friends left. I'm looking for a lot of support and friends who will comment and not leave me if I have to take another very long trip.


  • Everyone needs some support
  • Welcome back, you can add me!
  • weston23
    weston23 Posts: 59 Member
    Welcome back you can add me as well, :)
  • mhk0719
    mhk0719 Posts: 255
    Welcome back!! Please feel free in adding me.
  • flowerfreak2
    flowerfreak2 Posts: 7 Member
    I am new to this. LOVE the app. I am already down weight. I like the visual of seeing what I am eating. Cant believe the sugar content in everything. Anyway add me to your list and we can figure out new foods that give a good bang for the buck.
  • flowerfreak2
    flowerfreak2 Posts: 7 Member
    I know it says I have been here since 2011 but I just starting using the app last week. LOL. Hey I know better late then never!
  • mrsdivine77
    mrsdivine77 Posts: 1 Member
    I am also looking for some support. You can add me also. I only have a few friends. I've been using this app for a while but I am finally starting to take it seriously.
  • welcome back! You can add me, looking for many friends!!!