Two years in the making: -8lbs, +confidence (with pics)

That sounds a bit anti-climactic being down "only" 8lbs in two years, but bear with me here!


Year one.. I did largely P90X and cardio during that process. Watched some of what I ate but nothing terribly hardcore.


Year two.. I became a gym rat - I still do cardio and P90X, but I put a larger emphasis on heavier weights. Stalled severely in April 2012 due to new/chronic diagnosis of ulcerative colitis. Watched what I ate somewhat, but didn't REALLY tighten things down until the end of December.

Text on right says "You'd think after last year I'd get some lighting.. nope!" and "still size 32 pants... still sm/med shirts... heavier yet leaner!"

A few more I liked from tonight's photos:




Edit: crap, some are cut off, lol.. oh well, right side of first picture is the same as the left side of the second picture, and year two results are still visible.


  • ninerbuff
    ninerbuff Posts: 48,692 Member
    People can view the whole pics if they "right click" then hit "view pic".

    Just gotta say that being a gym rat pays off. I know from experience. Kudos on the transformation.

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  • danasings
    danasings Posts: 8,218 Member
    Phenomenal!! You look great!! :drinker:
  • sweetchildomine
    sweetchildomine Posts: 872 Member
    Amazing job! You look great!! :D
  • CristyMusicLovr
    CristyMusicLovr Posts: 179 Member
    Friggin amazing transformation!
  • VelociMama
    VelociMama Posts: 3,119 Member
    Freakin' awesome! Great post!
  • LesleyGillan
    -8 lb on the scale does not do justice to the awesome transformation you have achieved!!!! Obviously a hell of a lot more than 8 lb of fat has come off and been replaced by muscle. Congratulations :bigsmile:
  • Barbellerella
    Barbellerella Posts: 1,838 Member
    Wow! Very good!!
  • michellekicks
    michellekicks Posts: 3,624 Member
    Fantastic job! Well done!
  • 1brokegal44
    1brokegal44 Posts: 562 Member
    Weight is just a number. Pictures say it all. And by the way, I want shoulders like that!
  • smantha32
    smantha32 Posts: 6,990 Member
    Going by what I see in your pictures you've probably lost way more than 8 pounds of fat, but you've also added back a lot of muscle. Way to go. :drinker:
  • Mighty_Rabite
    Mighty_Rabite Posts: 581 Member
    Thanks people!

    The scale is definitely only one measuring tool. I was 183.2 in the beginning shot, dropped to the 160-161 in the second shot, got to 171 by April --> dropped to 159 after four days hospitalization (!), and was all the way back up to 184.2 by December 26. Very undulating but thankfully the right things are going on!

    I really wish I had some/more pictures from back in 2006 when I was much more obese - it's been seven years but on this very day in that year I could barely fit size 40 pants and X-large shirts.
  • Pepper2185
    Pepper2185 Posts: 994 Member
    That's a rockin' 8lb loss! You really illustrate how the scale is just a number, and how awesome muscles are! Awesome work you've done :)
  • AmberFaith90
    AmberFaith90 Posts: 904 Member
    Wow! You can definitely tell that you gained a lot of muscle. Such an awesome transformation!!
  • oneworkoutatatime
  • watergallagher
    watergallagher Posts: 232 Member
    Dude. Thats awesome. My goal when coming here was to lose 15 pounds from 170 to 155... now i weigh 177 woot.add me yall
  • TropicalFlowerz
    TropicalFlowerz Posts: 1,990 Member
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