Any over-60s out there?

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I am not new to MFP, but sure could use some more friends who are not afraid to post and support me and my efforts. I have some good friends but would like more.... I am 62 and have struggled with my weight most of my adult life. I am on the right track and have lost some weight and will keep it off this time, as I am getting older and certainly want to be around for my daughter and family. I still have a bit to lose to get to my goal but I am finally feeling some of the benefits of being more fit and loving it. I need the support and encouragement that others on this journey can give who are in the same struggle and would welcome all those (young and old) to friend me who have like goals. I post every single day and would be happy to give my support in return :D


  • farway
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    request sent
  • yonky50
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    Hi, I'm 62 and retired and joined this site 3 wks ago. I need to lose 40-50 lbs and am willing to do it slowly (with my meds that's the only way I can do it). Not sure how to friend request cause I'm a little technology challenged but am willing to try.:happy: