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The French Blue coat and the ring

Some years ago when I weighed less than when I started MFP I spent a lot of money on a new coat. I bought it largely because of its colour - a beautiful deep French blue. I wore it for less than a season before I began the piling on weight journey that ended when I joined MFP. The coat has stayed in my closet for nearly four years.
Around the same time, my husband bought me a silver amethyst set ring for Valentines Day. That too has languished in my jewellery box, too small for my pudgy fingers.

Today, having lost over 30lbs, I decided to try on the coat - it fit!
I remembered the ring - and went for that - it fit!

I was so happy today that I was on a roll. I went shopping, didnt buy anything for me, but stocked up the larder with good clean food.

It's not just the weight loss figures that mean so much, its that moment like the blue coat and the amethyst ring that make your day.
Small things, small changes, but the mean SO much.

I vow afresh - I will have MORE Blue coat and Amethyst ring days!


  • shaxnax
    shaxnax Posts: 87 Member
    Congratulations on your accomplishments!
  • Turtlesallthewaydown

    Similar story without a happy ending; I bought a gorgeous silver and black dress with glittering accents on it for a friend's wedding, size 10 perfect fit.
    The wedding was called off so the dress sat in the closet with the tags still on in the garment bag. I went to try it on one day and it wouldn't even zip. I almost gave it away but it was a very expensive dress that I got for a super low price so there's very little chance I'd drop the cash on a replacement so it's still sitting in the closet.. waiting for the day I can un-pudge and wear it.

    I also still have all the nice clothes I bought just before I met my husband. I had lost a lot of weight and got down to my all time low of 130lbs. I bought myself all kinds of nice clothes. Those are all packed in a big plastic tub including the jeans I wore on our first date. I hope to wear those clothes again.