Snap Fitness VS Anytime Fitness

I am looking to change my gym. Right now I go to one that was small and homely but is now getting to packed and to much drama! :noway:

Do you go to Snap Fitness?
Do you go to Anytime Fitness?

Which do you go to, or which you prefer and why?


  • BigDog
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    I just purchased a family membership at our local Snap Fitness at the beginning of the year and it is was a great decision. We are really enjoying it and it's not too crowded of a place. (at least not at the times we have been going) We also have an Anytime Fitness locally here, and I have some friends that attend that. As far as I can tell the two facilities are pretty much the same. I think the Anytime Fitness here has more classes, a little bit newer facility and offers a couple more amenities than our local Snap Fitness does, but I'm guessing that can easily be flipped flopped in another town. These types of gyms have a corporate mandate on some things, but the majority of how they operate (meaning what amenities, classes, equipment) are largely decided upon by the local owner.

    So I think either of these gyms you would be happy with, but depending on your location... One might fit your needs and personality a little better than the other one, so you would have to physically visit each one to see for yourself.

    I have talked to a few people and from my personal experiences, so far, these kinds of gyms are usually more people like me (armatures just trying to lose some weight and get healthier) and not a bunch of meat heads grunting and groaning and staring at themselves in the mirrors.

    Hope this helps!