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I am posting trying to gain those types of friends, male or female, young or old i don't care, who will look at my diary and will tell me "Hey that might not be a good idea" stuff like that... you know like FAITHFUL ARE THE WOUNDS OF A FRIEND not just facebook, myspace type a deals but really FRIENDS that'll correct my eating and help me get thinner and in shaper..shaper?/ what the! ha lol... you know what i mean. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon


  • sherrirb
    sherrirb Posts: 1,651 Member
    .. but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

    I dont know if I can give you the best advice, but I'll be as helpful as I can.

    Please take a moment to read my profile before friending me.
  • MyChocolateDiet
    MyChocolateDiet Posts: 22,281 Member
    Ok i'm not a dr. or nutritionist but i can say what i think is weird if something really sticks out at me. apparently my profile is closed and im new here so i don't know how to open it just a little so im just gonna send you a request.
  • missmadejavu
    missmadejavu Posts: 33 Member
    I'd love to be these kind of friends, but I tend to come off as *****y sometimes and I'm not looking to offend people or hurt their feelings! I am just straight to the point because I want people to be honest with me, so I will be honest with them. I don't have many friends IRL (had to get rid of people that weren't good for me) so I am going to have to rely on the MFP community A LOT for support in this journey!