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Gotta Get this Right

Im new to MFP, but not to trying to lose weight. I've been heavy all my life, but in the past year working at a hospital it really hit me how serious my poor health is affecting me. I decided this year to finally actively work on my resolution to lose the weight and be healthier. Its been a challenge, especially since my job is so stressful!! I work with children who have sickle cell and cancer, and as you can imagine it can get real emotional. Trying to stop the emotional and stress eating, while learning new ways to cook and food choices. Looking to get/give some support and encouragement on this journey. Any tips on what has been working for any of you?


  • JessicaRobin67
    JessicaRobin67 Posts: 275 Member
    ...I make sure I log my food every day...that keeps me accountable what I am putting in my mouth...and make sure to make the "wisest" choices of foods that you put into your mouth...and to eat the correct amount of calories. I know you can do it! Welcome...
  • icicles818
    icicles818 Posts: 19 Member
    Thanks so much for your response.