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Numbers/Targets....CONFUSED! Please Help >:(

I know there are plenty of posts such as this however I have tried adjusting my calorie intake and have not noticed results in the sense of the scale. My biggest concern is loosing my body fat. I am working towards having strong defined muscle so the scale may take longer to reflect weight loss. I dont want to be headed in the wrong direction. My calculations are based as such:
Age: 28
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 255lbs *Barf*
Goal Weight: 160-170lbs
BMR 1946
TDEE 2336
Daily Goals based on 20% calorie reduction: 1869
Desk job with little to no exercise

I do go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week where I aim for 45-60mins of cardio (currently working on C25K program) combined with strength training. I log my exercise and I do eat back the extra calories most times. I drink 10-14 cups of water as many days as possible and I do stretches and toning exercises at my desk when I can.
What would my ideal calorie intake be? I have been ranging between 1450-1600 cals but not seeing the scale budge. I am very happy however I feel more toned in my legs and perhaps a few inches of my stomach. My face also looks slimmer.
Looking for some guidance so I know I am I putting forth the 100% to get the results I am aiming for. Thank you in advance!!
P.S and for those wondering where I got the calculations from its called a scoobyworkshop site. I have heard of this site before on MFP by other users so I tried it! :)


  • htimsm87
    htimsm87 Posts: 104 Member
    Couple of just quick thoughts.. How are you tracking your calorie burn from your cardio workout? How accurate do you think your daily tracking is? Trying to be accurate when entering portion size can be very difficult. Also MFP seems to over calculate alot of the cardio from what I have seen.
  • bungholesoup
    Look at your logs of you eating 1450-1600 cals and I would slowly tweak it until seeing some change on the scale and sticking with it until tweaking again. Im just making up this example but lets say your carbs and protein were 200 grams each, I would cut 40-80 calories (10-20 grams) of carbs while keeping protein the same. Changing ratios will really have to be up to you and the results you see, since youre eating 1450-1600 cals already Idk how low is too low for you. Another thing you can consider before changing your macro ratios is increasing the intensity of your workouts and/or cardio.