Hey ladies...do any of you follow this pattern?

I've been at this for a while and back in Oct 2011 I got pregnant. My son is 7 1/2 months old so I really need to get back on track and I'm noticing the same pattern for losing weight that I followed before the pregnancy. I'll lose 5 pounds during that time of the month, then the next week i'll gain 3 and then for the next few weeks until the next mentrual cycle I'll see-saw and then I'll lose another few pounds and so (for example I went from 232 to 227 then back up to 230 and I'm see-sawing between 229 and 230). I don't many women who say that they lose weight during that time; most are the opposite.

I stopped taking birth control 3 months before I got pregnant and during that time I was losing weight more consistantly and steadily. I do take a hormonal contraceptive so I'm wondering if that's what throwing my body off. I have an appt. with my gyn next month for a check up so I was going to ask if that could be a possibility, but I wanted to know if any one else had the same problem.

I know in the end I'm losing weight and I don't want to lose weight too fast, but I'm obese so I thought my body would be shedding weight faster considering I'm eating less calories and exercising more now than I did a couple of months ago.


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    I find I have 2 "good weeks" each month on a 28 day cycle. Since I have been using Shakeology as a breakfast meal and exercising fairly regularly, the spikes have been much smaller, only gaining maybe 2-3 lbs the week before TOM arrives. This week on Monday I was actually down 1.4 lbs from the previous Monday and normally I am up about 3 lbs now. I swear by my Shakeology and exercise HIIT training.
  • I don't know if this is relevant, but you said you lost more weight after stopping taking contraception. The pill increases appetite so many women who take it gain weight. You may have lost more weight during your time of the month because for that week or so you're not taking the contraception and therefore your appetite decreases. That's what happens to me, anyway
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    Def something to think about...I hate those days when I feel like I constantly want to eat. I try to stay in the same calorie range, but maybe I'm eating different kinds of food when I'm not on the contraceptive. I'll just have to keep at it!!