Has anyone tried doing Kenpo X with weighted gloves?

I love Kenpo X, but I've been thinking about getting some of the MMA style weighted gloves (fingerless gloves, not like boxing gloves) for it. Has anyone tried this?


  • GoTeamMeaghan
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  • DavPul
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    I've never done the P90x Kempo workouts, but as a general rule I'm I think adding weight at the end of my joint leverage and then performing explosive movements is suboptimal.
  • billsica
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    Only if your going to knock someones teeth out,
  • Dragonflag07
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    Yep, i've done it with weighted gloves, made a big difference. When I used to do martial arts, I'd do all my kicks with ankle weights on, amazing how light and fast your hands/legs feel when you take the weights off. No idea about extra calorie burn but I imagine so as you are pushing harder
  • MoreBean13
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    Adding weight to something changes your muscle recruitment and the mechanics of your motion, it doesn't necessarily make it *better*. If it did, football players would practice with weighted footballs, baseball players would train with heavy bats (to train to hit harder, not just the weighted warm-up bats), etc.
  • naterar
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    I don't use the gloves but I use weighted wrist bands. Takes the workout to a new level. I am going to get some gloves and use the bands on the legs. Definitely adds some extra burn to to workout, I would highly recommend it. Just make sure you are not locking out your joints when doing the moves, I use 2 lb right now.