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Up three pounds?!?!

I have been 209.6 pounds for 2 days and this morning, my usual weigh-in day and I am up to 212.8. How is that even possible???


  • Xhell_on_heelsX
    It can easily be water weight. Or if you're expecting your monthly, it can be that also. No worries = ]
  • lorihalsted
    lorihalsted Posts: 326 Member
    I am up 4 this week just from sodium. If you have increased your workouts you could be retaining a little water from that too. Just keep doing what you know is right and it will all even out. ;)
  • DebbieLyn63
    DebbieLyn63 Posts: 2,650 Member
    Or if you are using a digital scale, they have been known to be inconsistent at times. I know mine is on crack many days!
    Take your measurements now and recheck them every month. This way you can often see progress when the scale doesn't behave.

    Trust me, you will be glad you took them now when you are first starting out.
  • LisaGirlfriend
    LisaGirlfriend Posts: 493 Member
    open your diary to let people see what you're eating / how much you're exercising. That's how you will get valuable feedback.
  • alanlmarshall
    alanlmarshall Posts: 587 Member
    Scales are not accurate
    Your weight will flucuate
    Use measurements
  • Controversial
    Controversial Posts: 157 Member
    Scales lie.
  • ylor89
    ylor89 Posts: 105 Member
    Your weight fluctuates. This morning, I woke and I weighed 135. Then I weighed myself in the afternoon and I was at 138. I'm sure my weight has changed again, but I don't worry too much about it. In fact, I'm thinking of not weighing myself every day now. I read that if you weigh yourself every day, you can tell when your really gaining weight if the number doesn't change or continues to increase. I think it's a bit depressing seeing the scale move up and down so much. Just weigh yourself once a week in the morning before doing anything! I think that's more accurate. ;)
  • icicles818
    icicles818 Posts: 19 Member
    Thanks for all the feedback. I spoke to some of my coworkers (nurses) and monthly cycles and water retention were the most common responses. I don't know about the monthly idea since I rarely get it (IUD) but I do notice I feel a little bloated. Maybe it is water. And I got a tape measure today and took my measurements. I don't know which made me sadder, but hey, that the whole point of all of this. Anyway,thanks everyone for all the encouragement :)

    BTW how do you get the weight loss timeline I see on some of your posts??