I really really really want a nice butt...

Screw abs (of course, if someone is handing them out I'd get in line.) It's all about the booty for me. My rear is rather large and I have an 'exaggerated lumbar curve'... Basically, where my lower back meets my butt it's like a ski slope. I want to tone and tighten and lift that sucker UP! I've been squatting like crazy but lunges seem to hurt my knees (go figure) hopefully with more strength and better form I'll be able to do those too.

What body part are you working towards?


  • Nikki31104
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    A nice butt would be fantastic but I would be happy just to get rid of my muffin top. I am so tired of it hanging over the top of my pants. I just want it to be flat for once in my life.
  • OkieinMinny
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    I don't want a butt..I want an *kitten*!!

    So I squat and deadlift!
  • Fred4point0
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    Try the Brazil Butt Lift workout dvd by Beach Body. That should help you.
  • MorgueBabe
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    Lumbar curve like mine?
    (pics on profile)
  • Rosa1213
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    I'm working for nice legs!
    I haven't worn shorts in public since I was 9 years old because I'm embarrassed of my fat legs.

    Working out hard, getting cardio in as well as some lifting :)
  • watergallagher
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    omg i want one too, gimme gimme gimme
  • kaylinn9
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    Pilates is a great way to get a good looking booty.
    Check out www.blogilates.com for some nice toned bootaays.
  • Crankstr
    Crankstr Posts: 3,958 Member
    full body workout.
  • Zaggytiddies
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    Lumbar curve like mine?
    (pics on profile)

    Not sure chick... Your profile is private but will check it out. ;)

    I've absolutely seen the Brazilian butt lift DVD... My birthday is coming up. Perhaps that's what I'll ask for!
  • Zaggytiddies
    Zaggytiddies Posts: 326 Member
    full body workout.

    So far that's what I'm doing. About 1 month in I think the tush is looking a bit higher!
  • cubizzle
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    full body workout.

    that's how I prefer to get a nice butt too
  • Mcgrawhaha
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    me too!!! i dont want a flat butt, and i dont want a fat butt... i want an awesome butt!
  • Crankstr
    Crankstr Posts: 3,958 Member
    full body workout.

    So far that's what I'm doing. About 1 month in I think the tush is looking a bit higher!

    what do you do? i have been strength training.

    edited to say YAAAAAAY I am from South Jersey!
  • dinosnopro
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    Squats, deads, stiff legged dead lifts, good mornings...anything that activates the posterior chain.
  • I need to lose my mommy tummy but my thighs are like my signature body part, so I am working on toning my thighs and of course the booty since my mans a booty man.
  • canelly
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    <~~~ squat!!! Lol.. I need some guns! ???????? my arms are my trouble zone. ; (
  • dangerousdumpling
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    I second the Brazil Butt Lift suggestion. I did it a couple of years ago and it really worked. I've done other workouts and I've done them long enough to know what results I got from them. BBL was the best. My butt is...rather unfortunate...but BBL lifted and rounded it. I was really impressed. I should also add that it is a full body workout. My entire core improved so much with it. I need to give my body a little more time to recover from surgery and then I'll be starting BBL again. Maybe in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, anyway.
  • Janelle173
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    I can't wait to try lifting and squatting like so many people suggest, but I do know from past experience, I noticed a significant difference in my tush from running and elliptical! The booty perked up, got more firm and round. I wasn't trying at the time just for that result but it was definitely a perk (see what i did there? lol) that I was happy about!
  • SherryTeach
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    I'm most interested in having a killer brain.
  • I want my legs to be like they were. Hard muscle with defined calves and quads. Oh and I love my collar bones and cheek bones when I'm thin, I'm not sure why those strike me as favorites, but they do. I wish I could have a butt. I've never had any. Even when I was 80 pounds heavier. I've now lost so much of it I have tail bone pain from sitting. Again. Long car rides are a real pain in the butt these days. Literally. Ahhh well. Better to be thin with a aching tail bone then to die young from weight related health issues.