So proud of my daughter!

So today my daughter completed her 10th parkrun (5K) the conditions were not the best, icy wind about 3 degrees and lots of standing water and 6" mud in places. She managed to get a new PB too!
I am so proud of her I had to share!!!

Weseal (DD1) is the one on the right playing up to the camera - oh by the way she will be six next week!


her little sister Squid has just turned four and she has done 6 so far.

Weasel has taken 12minutes and 11 seconds off her time since she started.
Squid has taken 11 minutes off her time so far.

[i would like to point out due to their ages both Weasel & Squid sets the pace when we run - we use an interval timer for 1m run/2min walk - but if they don't want to we just walk]


  • Help4nb
    Help4nb Posts: 69 Member
    your girls are amazing just like you ! your teaching health habits for life what a brill mommy! xxxxxxx
  • Showmm
    Showmm Posts: 406 Member
    Well done to all of you!
  • himilayaneyes
    himilayaneyes Posts: 204 Member
    That's wonderful.
  • tpycha126
    tpycha126 Posts: 217 Member
    That is so awesome! You are teaching them such healthy habits at a young age that is just so cool. I'm hoping someday my daughter will want to run with me too!
  • HannahsBestLife
    HannahsBestLife Posts: 209 Member
    That is so awesome! You are teaching them such healthy habits at a young age that is just so cool. I'm hoping someday my daughter will want to run with me too!

    This!! :)
  • ajones1227
    ajones1227 Posts: 180 Member
    That's so wonderful and they are so cute.
  • rainghirl
    rainghirl Posts: 203 Member
    That's fantastic, so good that they are into outdoor activities.

    Are these organised park runs or just something you guys do? Only my friend is on the look out for fitness activities she can do with her little boy as he gets older. He's only 2 now, so a bit young for running, but he's got a balance bike which he really loves.
  • GetHotIn2014
    GetHotIn2014 Posts: 201 Member
    Very cool! They are adorable!
  • ACDodd
    ACDodd Posts: 129 Member
    Great. Now I have 2 darling little girls that can kick my but on the track. lol
    I better keep running so I can catch them some day.

    Good for you getting them started young.
  • Ejwelton
    Ejwelton Posts: 331 Member
    Brilliant. i shall get my 50 t-shirt this year.

    Which one do you do?
  • haroon_awan
    haroon_awan Posts: 1,210 Member
    You should be very proud!

    If I may, can I suggest you get them coaching for sports they are fond of so that they can compete in college and other levels. I wish my parents had the money to provide me coaching for sports because I love athletics :)
  • Lalouse
    Lalouse Posts: 221 Member
    too cute!! Great job :)
  • DawnieB1977
    DawnieB1977 Posts: 4,248 Member
    They're so adorable!

    I agree about it being great that they're healthy and active. My 3 year old son does gymnastics lessons and loves it. My daughter is 20 months so too young for lessons, but when we go to the free play there she can swing from the parallel bars already! They're both amazing on their scooters too.

    I always find it so strange when you see kids my son's age still sitting in strollers.
  • Tiggermummy
    Tiggermummy Posts: 312 Member
    We do Greenwich park run

    I've got 30 to go to get my 50. I have to work some weekends and that gets in the way some weekends.

    parkUK is a free weekly timed 5K run. You resister on website to get your personal barcode and then turn up and run,
    run. Always starts at 9am except for camp bastion! You are asked to help volunteer three times a year.

    They are held all over the uk and some further afield.
  • Ejwelton
    Ejwelton Posts: 331 Member
    I do bushy park - the original one. They regularly get 1,000 runners and its all free!
  • This is so wonderful, I think your girls are on a road to strength and health. Back in the day, when I was a child, I ran everywhere. We had a park around the corner, where we spent our days playing catch, riding on the swings, (which I would jump off when I was about to fip over the bar), and climbing trees (I only fell out broken bones). Unfortunately, when I started Jr High, there wasn't any Title 9, so women's sports were non existant...and you had to "act like a lady"...which meant No Sweating. So I stopped being athletic. I regret it to this day. So BRAVO to you and your girls :flowerforyou:
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