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Too fat to be photographed?

Please consider the benefits of photographing yourself now, and not just at the end of your weight loss journey.


  • My0WNinspiration
    My0WNinspiration Posts: 1,146 Member
    I'm so glad I took some before/now photos.
  • neva4saken
    neva4saken Posts: 300 Member
    i never found the camera friendly, do not consider myself photogenic at all, however i agree I wish I had some before pictures because ppl never believe me when i tell them how big i was.
  • Bumdrahp
    Bumdrahp Posts: 1,314 Member
    I have like ONE before photo.. because I refused to be was taken without my consent, I found it.

    It's crazy how much bigger I was, and I never knew it.. I always thought I was thinner than I really was :(
  • kali31337
    kali31337 Posts: 1,048 Member
    Absolutely beautiful...and correct!
  • petersonabt
    petersonabt Posts: 518 Member
    I never really took "before" pics at the beginning of my weight loss. I have pics from my heaviest but not much inbetween. I wish I would have done it now. As I think its a big help. I have my pics side by side from my heaviest to now and a reminder of how far I have come and where I never want to be again.
  • Natihilator
    Natihilator Posts: 1,778 Member
    I took sports bra and shorts, P90X style before photos with my DSLR camera, in harsh lighting. I don't advise doing that, haha. I probably won't be able to look at them again until I reach my goal weight because yeah...nightmares. :laugh: However I'm still glad they exist, even if they're not seeing the light of day for a while.
  • Floridakidd407
    I took before photos before I actually started (: I'm glad I did I can't wait to take my final photo :D
  • teresafromtarana
    teresafromtarana Posts: 28 Member
    Love this! You are so right. I have avoided the camera for years and I've denied my family and myself pictures that capture our love. No more!
  • billsica
    billsica Posts: 4,741 Member
    ....try a wide angle lens. I doubt you are too fat to fit into a photograph though.
  • BigDnSW
    BigDnSW Posts: 641 Member
    ....try a wide angle lens. I doubt you are too fat to fit into a photograph though.

    No wide angle...exacerbates the "width". Pro photographer here. Yes, take pics. Besides, true beauty lies within this external based society. I had one of my employees do a photoshoot of me 100 lbs ago...look at them now and great motivation. Makes me smile over a year will you :wink:

    Lovely people come in all shapes and sizes.

    Good luck!
  • mmahair
    I never wanted to be photographed fat. But the fact is that a photo of myself is what got me started. A friend and I were just sitting around the house and he took out his phone and snapped a picture when I was being silly. I saw the picture and finally saw what everyone else was seeing. I know, I saw it in the mirror every day, but that was not the same. I started at 300 (actually at 307, but lost the 7 before I actually started to track my eating and diet) and now I am at 250 just 7 months later. I have photo's of my different stages of weight loss and I am keeping them to show friends and to remind me how far I have come.