small NSV with pics hopefully

danikat15 Posts: 113 Member
As of today, I officially weigh less than my husband. This hasn't happened since a couple of years ago. I also had a graduation party to go to last night, so I was raiding my closet for something to wear. Tried on some clothes that I haven't worn in years and they FIT! I am down two pants sizes! I just can't believe the change already and I am so excited to see where this journey leads me.

And hopefully this works, but here's some comparison pics:



  • tafrace
    tafrace Posts: 6 Member
    looking good!!keep it up
  • LoggingForLife
    LoggingForLife Posts: 504 Member
    Congratulations! You look great.
  • stumblinthrulife
    stumblinthrulife Posts: 2,558 Member
    Objection! This is obviously a scale related victory. I move to strike the post from the record, y'honor.

    I kid, I kid. Excellent work, and you look fantastic.
  • AnnaSmith27
    WOW! You look awesome! Congrats!
  • Flpinckn
    You look great, Congratulations!!!! I started over this week. I honestly had given up. This inspires me!
  • momof2osaurus
    momof2osaurus Posts: 477 Member
    Congratulations!! I've never weighed less than my husband, I know exactly how big of an accomplishment that can be! :smile:
  • danikat15
    danikat15 Posts: 113 Member
    Well, I guess the weighing less than the hubby could be considered a scale victory, but the fitting in clothes I haven't fitted in in years? Add all that to the fact I have to buy a new belt today, there's just a whole lot to be excited about this morning!
  • Otter1422
    Otter1422 Posts: 162 Member
    Wow, good for you!
  • mumreeder
    mumreeder Posts: 222 Member
    Well done - you look totally different - great transformation.
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