Clothing Styles/Inspiration for "Older" Women

I need new clothes, and that is good!

However, all I'm seeing are skinny jeans and very high heels, and that just isn't me.

I'm almost 48, I live in a small town where I can get away without wearing this stuff. I work at a gym and live at a gym, mostly.
But when I go out with my husband or my friends, I want to look good in something other than workout clothes.

I want to look pretty, and classy, somewhat trendy and a bit sexy.

So, where do you shop or get your style inspiration from?


  • mcdebbie
    mcdebbie Posts: 940 Member
    good post, but beats me. I'm 57 and live in Croc wedge sandals, work pants and crinkle shirts I got from K-mart because they kind of hide the fat. My casual wardrobe consists of t-shirts from JCP and "relaxed shorts" from Sears. I feel frumpy, fat and old. At least I won't be fat for too much longer but I'm sure not going to be wearing platform pointed high heels. Can't wait to hear suggestions from somebody who has figured it out.
  • I'm far from "stylish", but I love the jeans with riding boots look, with a nice sweater. That's always comfortable. I love black and white striped sweaters or shirts right now too with chunky colorful bracelets or long necklace. :)
  • hbrittingham
    hbrittingham Posts: 2,518 Member
    I love Coldwater Creek. If you can hit the stores (or online) when they have a sale, they aren't too terribly expensive, either.
  • whimsy38
    whimsy38 Posts: 158 Member
    Goodwill rocks! You can find lots name brand stuff and maybe let a style find you. 90% of my clothes come from there and it's lead me to wear things that look great but that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise.
  • cleotherio
    cleotherio Posts: 712 Member
    I have a hard time shopping. I'm 41. My office is casual; most of my also friends dress in jeans ever day. I still buy most of my clothes in Target and Old Navy. For nicer clothes, I've found stuff at White/Black Market and Ann Taylor Loft.
  • SherryTeach
    SherryTeach Posts: 2,836 Member
    Anne Taylor Loft and Banana Republic. Nearly all of my work clothes come from there. On-line there are great clearance sales and email specials. No pants have fit as well as my BR petites.
  • Check out the styles online stores, layered shirt with sweater, boot cut jeans. I recently bought a top with a thin lines of gold glitter and received many complimants. Jewelery can really dressup an outfit.
  • orangeyellowkayak
    orangeyellowkayak Posts: 97 Member
    C.J.Banks is good. It carries alot of the basics then some tasteful extras.Some times the price can be high but their sales are good.
  • MarieG2023
    MarieG2023 Posts: 61 Member
    Try Ann Taylor Loft, The store/site carries a lot of versatile clothing. On occassion, they have really great cyber deals.
  • Mutant13
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    I think crochet is going to be really popular this year, crochet wrap dresses can be really pretty on women of any age and can be dressed up or down.
    Lace details are always pretty and can make staple items look a lot dressier, as for pants wide leg slacks are always a nice alternative to skinny jeans, and are always flattering